Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Revamped Mama Dawg (and Kitchen)

Well, I finally found (made) the time to get a free template and revamped my blog.

To quote that manliest of men, Toby Keith..."How do you like me now?"

In the spirit of revamping, I'm going to show you my revamped kitchen. Like I explained here, the house was, hmmmmm....to put it politely...crap.

The kitchen needed the biggest makeover since the floor was literally rotting beneath our feet. The owner is one of those home building, can do anything kind of guru's, so he replaced the floor. He used a beautiful pine tongue in groove and then stained it honey oak. It turned out so pretty.

The cabinets, walls, ceiling and door jambs all had to be painted. Almost half of the kitchen walls were covered in...oh, crap...what's that word...oh, yeah, paneling (gag, gag). We Kilzed those and painted them a bright cheery yellow. The rest of the walls were covered in some sort of white plaster board stuff. Since it was white, it was fine.

I painted the cabinets (even taking off the hardware and cleaning the crap out of them. They were so grease and yuck covered...shudder) and the door jambs and the landlord painted the ceiling all bright white.

It turned out quite nice if I say so. Keep in mind, this is all DIY...we don't have the money to hire someone professional.

This is the before picture. You can't see it, but the floors are rotting underneath the linoleum. To be fair, the only thing holding up the floor is the 4 LAYERS of linoleum.

Here it is after a majority of the work was done. See how cheery it looks?

Here it is filled with all my crap. See the pretty wood floors? I normally have a dark red throw rug in front of the sink area.

I'm so strapped for space in the kitchen, the refrigerator is actually in the dining room. The cabinets you see in this pic are the ONLY cabinets I have (except for the one above the stove that you can't see). So, I had to do...

...this for a pantry! I found this gorgeous metal shelf at Wal-Mart for $20 (retail is like $70) and it was a gorgeous, gorgeous red color. I used black, white and this red (kind of a dull cherry) to accent the yellow kitchen.

I have so little space, I have no place for silverware and kitchen utensils. My mom thought of the idea that I use now.

Look at the door at the back of the kitchen. That's a plastic shoe holder! Like the kind you put in your closet. It's perfect for holding all utensils.

And I have all these (same color! miracle) red roller bins that hold our chips and popcorn and snack foods.

As small as it is, I actually love my kitchen!


Mama Dawg

18 really cool people who give a rat's patootie:


Very nice! The shoe holder thing for utensils is a genuis idea. I'll have to post how our kitchen turned out if we ever decide on a wall color. :)

Mama Dawg

Thanks! Please post a photo. I like the color scheme you were thinking of and I'd like to see the finished product.

Always Home and Uncool

We found three layers of linoleum under our kitchen when we re-did it three years ago. Each layer was uglier than the last and all varying shades of off-grungy.

Mama Dawg

So was ours! Maybe they used the same decorator?!?!?! LOL!


Nice work on the kitchen AND the blog-- me likey

Mama Dawg

Thanks! I like both, as well!


The kitchen looks beautiful!!!
Have fun cooking in it!!!!

Mama Dawg



I think that you did a great job with so little space! The colors make the space very bright and welcoming. When...oh when...will builders ever remember that people need simple things like "storage" and "drawers" in kitchens?

Mama Dawg

Andrea-I agree! But this house was built by hand by my landlord's grandfather way, way, way back in like the 40's and they were poor, so things like cabinets (those kitchen cabinets were added on like 20 years after the house was built) were a luxary.

I like it though.


Your kitchen turned out really nice! Yellow is such a hard color to do right. We had it in our bathroom before, and it was such a bad idea. In your kitchen, though, it looks very fresh and cheery. Just what you needed!

I like the blog background, too. Very tropical!

Rph Mommy

I can't see the pictures!!


Great kitchen! Great blog!


Your new layout is beautiful!!! And I love how cheerful your kitchen turned out!! The red really pops with the yellow and the white. Good job, girl!!


Love the new layout!

And the kitchen - it got so much brighter after you fixed it up! Love it!

Mama Dawg

Thanks guys. I love it.


It's so fun and bright. I love it. We recently added an entire wall of cabinet space. My husband got so lucky because of it!!

...love Maegan

Awesome! They just have so many uses!

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