Monday, June 23, 2008

My Weekend

It seems that all I do lately is post about my weekend.

Well, to be honest (I hate that phrase...makes me think that the person who says that is getting ready to lie to me), I'm just lazy.

I had Friday off. It was nice. I slept in for a little bit but then had to take J.D. to the vet once again because his back legs are failing...once again.

We're trying the Prednisone and Baytril one more time. If this doesn't work, he'll have to go on daily heart pills. Pills that he can never go off of until he dies. Costing me $45 a month.

Sigh...why does the world have to rely on money for EVERYTHING? If I knew the vet would accept free sex as payment, I'd do it. Kills two birds with one stone that way...gets the pills and it gets Mama Dawg some lovin'.

But, he's happily married...sigh.

So, on Friday, light of my life got invited to the local gas lady's house to go swimming at her private pool with her grandchildren. By local gas lady, I mean the lady that owns the natural gas place where I purchase gas for my tank for my gas heaters (not the local lady that farts a lot...that would be me). She's nice and is really good friends with my aunt (hence the invite). Light of my life slowly learned to dive while there because her grand daughter (who's 10) is on the swim team and was teaching her how to dive.

She had a blast and came home all full of herself.

I went flower and berry picking in the late afternoon. We have all these black-eyed susans growing wild EVERYWHERE, so I decided to go pick a few and make a small bouquet for the dining room table.

While picking flowers, I noticed that some of the blackberry (no, Jared, not a BlackBerry, but the actual fruit) plants were already producing mature blackberries.

So, I went a pickin'.

Here's what my efforts yielded:

Here's the flowers and the blackberries together. Such a pretty pic. The scissors really set the whole thing off.

Here's a close up of the blackberries. Don't they look yummy?

Here's the flowers. Kinda pretty, huh?

Saturday pretty much was a regular day. Made a Wal-Mart run to exchange some primer and to get a few things for dinner that night.

My grandmother is down in New Orleans with my other aunt for a while, so my other aunt (that my grandmother lives with) was all alone.

So, we invited her for dinner on Saturday night.

Light of my life was in her element. I swear, she's gonna make a good politician's wife someday. She totally stole the whole pre-during-post dinner conversation. It was filled with witty stories about learning how to jump off the diving board, learning how to dive, attending the library's reading program, telling stories that involve various bodily functions (that part was a little gross) and whatnot.

She had a blast with our first official dinner guest.

We had sun dried tomato rubbed turkey breast, brussel sprouts with curry sauce, butter beans and a tomato and avocado salad.

All in all, it was a nice evening.

Sunday was church and swimming. I also had to bathe the cats and then put on Frontline and give them a capstar pill.

Bathing cats is NOT FUN!

Due to J.D.'s bad heart and the stress that comes with getting a bath, I actually had to GET IN THE TUB with him to give him his bath. Poor thing. Once I got in the tub with him though, he stopped struggling. Maybe that's the key. However, I'm not gonna get in the tub with Mike. He'll kill me.

Oh, and I'm watching a DVD that was a mini-series on I think the Sci-Fi channel, called "Tin Man". Has anyone seen this? I'm obsessed. It's soooo good. I LOVE, WORSHIP, ADORE Neal McDonough.

Anyway, that was my weekend. How was yours?


Mama Dawg

37 really cool people who give a rat's patootie:


I have two cats. A young quick one, and a fat slow one.

Stormys idea of diving is holding her nose and doing a sloppy cannonball. Shannon taught her that. so graceful.

Mama Dawg



Busy weekend over here!

The blackberries look yummy and the flowers pretty.

WOuld you mind sharing the recipe for the turkey? Pretty please?!!!!


Considering I was without internet access, pretty good. I am blogging about it bit by bit now.


What a fun weekend! I'm glad you had so much fun.

Seriously, why do vets have to charge so much for their services? Or doctors, for that matter. It's not like we can avoid either of them. I wish we had the good old days back when we could pay with handmade goods or veggies from our gardens.


You kill me...

If I knew the vet would accept free sex as payment, I'd do it.



Bathing cats is not fun- HA!

Black Berries and Black-eyed-Susans - reminds me of my grandfather's farm in the summer - how fun!

Have a good evening - Kellan


Sex for payment of vet bills totally cracked me up! That is something that would have really come in handy a few years ago when my cat had his surgery.

You are brave to try to bathe a cat. I've never attempted it and probably never will. My cats are way too fierce for that. I would be torn to shreds.

American in Norway

Congratulations on being SITS blog... just popping by to share some comment LOVE... Very funny blog!

Tara@From Dawn Till Rusk

Sounds like you don't need money for everything - sounds like you have a great weekend!

Sarah Mae

I already forget my weekend!

Congrats on being featured by SITS!


Congrats on being the SITS girl of the day!


CONGRATULATIONS on being the SITS chickie today;)


Yes. The blackberries do look very good. We don't have any growing around here. We just have cactus.

I ALWAYS bathe my cats. I'm allergic but I love them. I call them "swimming kitties". My husband thinks I'm retarded.

I've seen that show "Tin Man". It came on a long time ago on the Sci-Fi channel, right?

Candid Carrie

Have an great day basking in the sunshine of SITS love. You deserve it ;)


I have a really cute vet, too. But since he is married to a sweet girl and they are in my SS class and I am married to a sweet man, I guess sex as payment is out of the question.


Congrats of being the featured blogger of the day! Woo hoo!


Yea you on being SITS daily blog to read! Love it!


Gettin' in the tub?! That's the ultimate in showing love!

Love your photos. I'm missing blackberry season here in Mozambique - to think I hated those bushes sprouting up on our property everywhere in Oregon.

Bobbi's Book Nook

Congrats on being the SITS blogger of the day!

Hot Tub Lizzy

You got in the TUB?? With a CAT??? How do you not get shredded to bits?

I think I'm seeing a WHOLE new Animal Planet show here "The Cat Bather"


I love black-eyed susans! those berries look yummy. sounds like a great weekend, minus the vet-sex imagery. hehe


Watched 'Tin Man' and loved it!
Cool concept, Cool effects!


lol, love the descriptive names of the people around you. And those flowers are beautiful!


Loved 'Tin Man'. It's now out on DVD ... :-)

My weekend was quiet. Bought a whole lot of mangoes and made some low fat Mango Lassi ...yummmm

I used to go blackberrying all the time, back in NZ. Blackberry jam, blackeberry pie, blackberry sauce for icecream, etc, etc. Unfortunately there are really no places around here where you can pick blackberries. :-(


Hey SITSta! Love the blog... "gas Lady" LOL. Also, your "growing up" post was wonderful.


Congrats, feature lady! Get down with yer bad self. Great pics -makes me want to move to a farm, except for all that work and pesky bugs and such.

Memarie Lane

I have those very same scissors!

Mrs. D

getting in with the cat for a bath... now that is some serious love!

Sometimes Sophia

Nice pix... especially the one with the sneaky scissors. Seems like every blooming thing is going to have a good (early) crop.

Mrs. Parks

Ahhhhhh...... summertime.

I hope the pooch gets better.


I've had cats my entire life, and have never once bathed one. I don't get it...cats are naturally very clean animals that bathe themselves constantly. Why would you ever bathe a cat? (genuinely asking, not snarky).


Coming over from SITS! I totally understand the cat mom had 7 of them and guess who got to help wash them? My favorite cat bathing tip came from the local yokel at the lumber shop where I grew up. He said to put a framed window screen in the bottom of the sink that way when the claws come out they catch on the screen. Needless to say, we didn't take his advice...we weren't too sure that he'd taken it himself!

Great blog!


Came here by way of SITS...

Great blog design! Funny lady! BUSY weekend.

Mama Dawg


Cats do normally groom and bathe themselves but when they have the extraordinary amount of fleas that my cats have been suffering with (due to country living, flea infested dogs getting up under the house that has no sub flooring and minute cracks in the flooring as well as tracking them in from the outside), the flea "dirt" that has been left behind (mostly dried blood from the scratching and whatnot), it was driving them crazy. The bath was to get rid of the flea "dirt" and to make them feel better.

It worked. They've been sleeping constantly (with relief, I hope) since I gave them their bath and they've not scratched once.

So, every once in a while, it's necessary to give them a bath.


What a great post...sounds like a good weekend to me. Sorry about your dog..I hope the next round of meds helps him. So do you bathe the cat regularly? I've been thinking I need to bathe mine because they have long hair and it just seems like they need to be cleaned. They are like 20lbs each though so I know what you mean about getting killed. I'll have to think on that idea some more. I love hearing about the gas lady...that was just a funny explanation. I missed Tin Man when it was on tv, but I heard it was good.


k, you crack me the fart comments, my husband is our gas man, never on short supply, lucky me!LOL!

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