Tuesday, October 14, 2008

And...Action, Take 3

Here's the third installment of my interview with Light of My Life.


Sorry I wasn't around earlier. I broke my work computer (not really) and they're having to rebuild it. So, no internet today!

Maybe tomorrow!


Mama Dawg

18 really cool people who give a rat's patootie:


She is just the sweetest thing. Now I have to go to VS and try that Pink perfume to see what she's talking about!

steenky bee

I was a wonderin' where you were! I just love LOML. She's the LOMD today (Light of my day) :)


No tuna = no pickles. That girl is a genius!!! Such a precious little girl.


I wondered where you were today. Will you be back online tomorrow?

And LOML does a great interview. I love all her answers. And especially the spelling of yes in the air to prolong things...


I was wondering where you were too. It wasn't like you to not have a post or something. I'm glad you're back! How'd you break your work computer, you naughty girl?!!

LOYL is adorable. She is just really so cute. I enjoy these videos. And when is she going to answer MY questions?! I don't even remember what I asked, but I want an answer!

And my name is pronounced RAY-AH. I just want to hear her say it. :o)

Pseudonymous High School Teacher

Oh my gosh, LOML is so so cute. What a great kid.

I would have thought you could sing AND dance.


She is adorable. Like you.

I'm still obsessed with your accents. I've been asked several times to post a video of myself saying "Y'all," but I'm all, "NO--I don't sound nearly as sweet as Mama Dawg and her daughter!"

For real.


p.s. I want to smell you now. Is that not creepy????


She is such a cutie!! I'm intrigued about this VS perfume now!

Hope your computer is ok!


She's adorable! Just letting you know that I added you to my SITS list blogathon! Thanks for keeping me entertained :)

sassy stephanie

She even sounds like you!

Good call on the tuna. ick

So, no saing-in or dainc-in?

Jennifer and Sandi

THAT Is so Awesome!! Love It, that was fun!! She's a cutie-Patootie!!

- Jennifer


This is such a cute idea! I LOVED your interview! What a cutie!!!

Lynn - the piggy bank painter



Dagnabit, Emily, where are you?! Darn puter broken?!!

Insane Mama

Too freakin cute. She really is adorable and her personality cracks me up.

Captain Dumbass

Come back, Mama Dawg, come back!


I miss Mama Dawg!! Someone needs to send her a laptop or something. A rescue mission heading your way!

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