Saturday, December 20, 2008

Funny Joke

My daughter and I are at the library this gorgeous rainy Saturday (by the way, all you Yankees? Yeah, eat it. I'm wearing a short sleeved shirt today! Boo-yah!)

Anyhoo......she's getting all into this technology thing and I just set her up her own e-mail account with Yahoo. She sent me a funny joke that I had to share.

I'm handing the keyboard over to her right now.

Everything in purple is her own words.

there was a boy who asked What does your dad do?

He's a magician he cuts people in half.

How many sisters do you have?

i have three half sisters!!!!!

Bada bing. There you go folks. The next Last Comic Standing at your service. You saw her here first.

Happy Saturday!


Mama Dawg

25 really cool people who give a rat's patootie:

Middle Aged Woman

I curse at you and your short sleeves. LOML is okay, though.

Irish Gumbo


Talent, pure talent. Chip off the ol' block?

Here's one for you:

Why is six afraid of seven?
Because seven eight nine!


Mama Dawg

Light of my life was not impressed by your comment, MAW. Sorry.

IG-She actually laughed at your joke but then said it was lame. No, she didn't. I said that! LOL!

Irish Gumbo

Hey, that's a classic! An eight year old girl told me so!

I forgot to say: Thank you for your comment on my Thursday post. I dig the hugs.

With that in mind, I have an award for you, you can pick it up in the upper right hand corner of IG.



The latest joke going around my house is:

What is black and white and red all over?

Now, I never get the answer right, because there are about five different answers and whichever one I choose is wrong, I am told.

A newspaper
a zebra in a blender
a zebra with a rash
a penguin in a blender

It goes on and on.

I like M's joke. Very cute! It's fun when the kids start getting into the computer and Internet and email. My 11 year old is somewhat.

We're in shorts today here in Texas but an arctic cold front is due in any minute now.


I forgot to add, I received the laynards in the mail the other day, they're perfect and beautiful! I love the way you have them bagged up.

Thank you! It's a pleasure doing business with you.

sassy stephanie

Ha ha.

Thems jokes. Kid jokes. I love 'em.

We are in tshirts and shorts today. It's 76 up in heyah. Of course, though, being Texas, our high tomorrow is supposed to be 43. Fuck. Gonna be a house full of sickies.


What's Green and Red and goes 90MPH?

A frog in a blender.

Your daughter is pure comedic genius!


I am jealous of you and your short sleeve shirt. I have a long sleeve shirt, topped with a wool sweater and I am still a bit chilly.

I love the joke. Pretty soon she will be taking over your blog. Better watch out!

Swirl Girl

She's here til Thursday , try the veal!

badump Chhhh


Kids' jokes are the best.

Here's one from my youngest (she's 5)

Knock, knock

(Who's there?)


(Ivan who?)

Ivan working on the railroad! (and you sing it like "I've been working on the railroad...")


that tickled me right there!


K. I only know one joke. My 12 year old neice told me:

What is the difference between Snow Men and Snow Women?

Snow balls.

Did I just offend anyone. Dang.

Captain Dumbass

You are all kinds of awesome LOML. As for you mother...

I could wear short sleeves if I wanted to. Eventually my arms would turn black and fall off, but I could.

Twenty Four At Heart

I'm wearing short sleeves too! AND I'm barefoot. (But in truth, my toes are a little cold!) Looooooved the joke!

Twenty Four At Heart

I'm wearing short sleeves too! AND I'm barefoot. (But in truth, my toes are a little cold!) Looooooved the joke!

Twenty Four At Heart

I'm wearing short sleeves too! AND I'm barefoot. (But in truth, my toes are a little cold!) Looooooved the joke!


All of my daughter's jokes revolve around Johnny Depp these days. If she started telling half sister jokes I just might fear for her sister's totality. Too much in the air between those two.

Sarah's Blogtastic Adventures

I actually laughed out loud...hehe I love kid jokes, and at least yours are understandable. My four year old's joke of the year is Knock Knock I say Who's there and he says Nick (thats his name) Then I have to pretend to roll on the floor with laughter : ) God help me.


Please tell your lovely little girl, that I laughed at her joke. I will now go share it with two of my sons, who always enjoy a good joke. Thank you "Light of Mama Dawg's Life"!

Pseudonymous High School Teacher


What did Peter Pan say to the Darling children when they were fying to Neverland?

"HA!! There was never never any land."

It's from small kid times.


I wonder where she gets it from?


tell light of your life that she rocks. cuz she does. nuff said. :)

The Stiletto Mom

Kids got a future in stand up. :)

Tell her she is famous now!!!

Mommy Mo

LOML is hilarious and so damn cute.

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