Monday, December 29, 2008

Who Would You Do?

Good Last Monday Morning of 2008. It's time again for "Who Would You Do?" (book by Susan Segrest)

Just for you boys, it's all girls today. (Girls, you play along, too.....I just did this cause the guys were bitchin' that I hadn't done any girl choices lately)

You are a guest on The View. You chat, you flirt, you promote your blockbuster movie and by one, each of the hosts slips you a little note inviting you back to her dressing room. Who would you rather do: Joy Behar, Whoopi Goldberg, Elizabeth Hasselbeck or Barbara Walters?

*Editor's Note---You HAVE to pick one of the choices. Even if you're a guy and the only choices are guys...same for girls...believe me, there are lots where it's only girls to choose from.


Mama Dawg

P.S. Guys, I swear, next time...HOTTTTT girls just for you.

34 really cool people who give a rat's patootie:


I'm glad I'm not a dude. I'd not want to have to chose between those. Everything else aside, I'm not into chicks who talk so much. lol

Mama Dawg

LOL! I hear ya.


Elizabeth all the way, the others would scare me senseless if they got naked. For serious.

Pacing the Panic Room

Can there be like a 6th choice like chew your own arm off?

Mama Dawg

Nope. If you're gonna play, you gotta choose!

But I agree on chewing your own arm off.

Middle Aged Woman

At least Whoopi is funny. But I am all for chewing my own arm off.

Me, You, or Ellie

Whoopi. Who else?



Yep, I'm for chewing my arm off also.

I'd go back to the room with Whoopi probably. If I really HAD to choose.

Why do you do this to us, Emily?!

Mama Dawg

Cause I can.


Hmm. I wouldn't do Whoopi because I make it a point to never screw anyone funnier than I am. Who needs the competition? Joy is pretty much a no-go but I'd hit her in the shitter just out of spite. Doing Barbara is like climbing Mt. Everest - you just do it to say you did it. It worked for Geraldo, right?

Elizabeth is a hottie. All week and twice on Sunday.

Mama Dawg

I just realized I haven't chosen yet.

I gotta go with Whoopi. Only cause it would be funny. And if I gotta choose any of them, I'd rather it be funny than scary or uptight (Elizabeth, I'm talkin' to you).


I'd totally go with Whoopi 'cuz I think she'd do at least half the work, and then there's the killer pillow talk. *wink*

Mommy Mo

Elizabeth, for sure. She is the only even close to HOT. To think of the rest naked, nothankyou!

Sarah's Blogtastic Adventures

I'm gonna have to say I would pull out the tiny vibrator in my purse if it was between those But if I was made to choose I am goona go with Whoopi too,cause she's the funniest and plus she lost all that weight on Weight Watchers...ughh still not that appealing though : )


You like to torture don't you?

Whoopi is the only viable choice there.


I'm picking Elizabeth.

I noticed a lot of people picked Whoppi. I don't care if you're funny, I just want you to look halfway decent.

I would have to duct tape Elizabeth's mouth shut though!

Mom Taxi Julie

Elizabeth of course. If I'm going to be with a woman I want her to have less wrinkles than me ;O)


I would have to give lil miss Elizabeth the hate f*ck. Sorry, I just can't stand her but out of those choices....

Maybe chewing my arm off would be the best choice!

Pseudonymous High School Teacher

I 'm gonna go with Whoopi, she could probably think up something fun, even if it's beyond my imagination at the moment. But Jen above me answer's got potential.

Captain Dumbass

I don't watch the view, but I'm gonna go with Elizabeth for the sex. Can I snuggle and talk with Whoopi and Barbara afterwards?


Well, clearly Eliabeth--she's a hot mama. Besides, we'd have lots to talk about, what with both of us being flaming conservatives, surrounded by flaming liberals. Maybe she'd even smoke a cigarette with me afterward.

I don't smoke. But I would with her. Or Jason. I'm just sayin'.


I'd have to go with Elizabeth on this one...


I think.

Trooper Thorn

Elizabeth, but if Meredith Viera was going to make a guest reapperance, I might have to pass Ms. Hasselbeck up.

Josh Diaz

Great blog dude!

Irish Gumbo

Hmm. Well. Okay, I suppose I would have to go with Elizabeth (CD, I'm with you on this one. I mean, not at the same time. Unless you are into that sort of thing.)

jen721: Hate f**k? HA! I didn't know there was such a thing. Man, I missed out on so much...

And I agree with Trooper Thorn, Meredith Vieira, rawwrrr!

Jennifer and Sandi

Elizabeth. That way I'd feel that much closer to HER HUSBAND!!!

- Jennifer


I'd have to go with Elizabeth. Why so much hate for her? I feel sorry for the poor girl. She's just a youngster amongst all those biddies.

Swirl Girl

that's like asking if a guy would rather be screwed by a telephone pole or beaten with a spiked bat.

no viable options on this one


I don't watch it, so I have no preconceived notions. It's Liz for me.

Southern Sage

The biggest no brainer ever right there!

one because I would throw up in my mouth to hear that kool-aid drinking liberal idiotic babble from the others, and two because she is damn hot.

yu[p its Elizabeths dreams I'd make come true!


Okay, first time visiting your blog and.... daaaaamn, girl! You don't eff around, do ya?
Barbara Walters is so very tempting, if only to hear her coo sweet nothings in my ear. "Oh Wobin. Woo are so hot, Wobin..."
Gag! Gag!


Hasselbeck for sure. I know that prim and proper Republican is NASTY in bed. ;)


Hasselbeck for sure. I know that prim and proper Republican is NASTY in bed. ;)

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