Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A Dog and His Girl

I don't know if I told you the whole story of how Max came to be part of the Dawg household.

As you know, I'm on the road 2 hours a day with my commute.

I live in the country and have to drive through the country roads to get to my place of employment.

I see lots of dogs on the side of the road that are strays. While my heart tends to go out to them, they look "healthy" enough at a quick glance so I just drive on by.

Back in September (I think it was September), I was driving home from work and had to slow down for some traffic that was turning.

I saw this poor pitiful creature on the side of the road. He was starving so bad, I could see his ribs from where I my car on the road. That's how bad he looked.

I didn't even think, I just pulled over, hopped out of the car and grabbed him up.

I have NEVER done anything like that before. I've thought about it lots of times, but I never went through with it.

I brought him home and immediately fed him.

Funny thing. I've never had a dog before. I don't feed any strays at my house. Yet, I had a bag of dog food in my trunk and a can of wet dog food in my house.

Fate? Maybe.

I put him out on the back porch on a blanket and popped open the can of wet food and gave him a bowl of water.

He was so sweet and had the most trusting eyes. He got to the point that when I would go check on him, he's raise up his head and start thumping his tail at the sight of me.

Yeah, my heart melted.

There was never any doubt from the moment that I picked him up that I would keep him.

Over the course of a couple of months, he's grown and gotten so big. We had initially thought that he might be about 6-8 months old, but when we took him to the vet to get de-wormed, turns out he was a lot younger than that. I had rescued him when he was about 3 MONTHS old!

He's such a puppy. But...he's HUGE. At least HUGE for an almost 6 month old.

He's healthy and happy.

And totally in love with Light of My Life.

The feeling is mutual.

Here's the evidence below.

This is his daily ritual. He sits patiently while she disembarks from the bus.

He doesn't move until she calls out his name.

Then his whole body goes into waves of pleasure and he just goes crazy.

He loves her.

And she loves him.


Mama Dawg

23 really cool people who give a rat's patootie:


Aaawww! Every girl needs a doggie!


You want to know how big of a sap I am? That video made me start crying. That dog and that girl love each other so much!


That video is like one big slice of America! Love it and I love your voice, Mama Dawg. I sound like crap on video!

Sarah's Blogtastic Adventures

That video made me cry like a baby! My Dad just had to put to sleep his dog that was a part of the family for 8 years. A big ole crazy dog but we all loved him! That is so great you found a dog to be a part of your family! : )

Momo Fali

That video makes my heart hurt! It's so sweet!

Soldier without a War

that is so so cute!!! It was neat to hear that you have a stong accent as well...ha ha. You probably would think i have an accent too!! :) cute story and cute dog...he is one lucky puppy! :)

Pseudonymous High School Teacher

It looks like something right out of a movie. What a joyous pair they make.

Happy New Year Mama!

Melanie D

Great Video, that was so sweet! Happy New Year to you and your family Mama Dawg


Sooo cute!

I love how she just drops her backpack and jacket on the lawn and starts playing.

What is it with kids and husbands and how they just drop their sh*t anywhere?

Can I jump in your leaf piles? PLEASE?

P.S. I wouldn't share the part about how you keep dog food in your cupboard when you don't have a dog anymore.

Happy New Year's Eve!!!


Now that is just adorable! I do love me some doggies! Just don't have time for one...

But that whole song and dance looks oddly familiar...ah, yes, that is what Bobby does when I get home...except he has a beer in his hand. Good roomie, Good rommie!


Awww! Her giggles are so cute :)


Great bond! Every girl needs a bond like that with an animal.

Kudos to you to pick up a stray like that. I can tell you are a very caring person! And, why would you have random dog food if it wasn't fate!


I love you, Mama Dawg!! You probably remember that I once stole a starving dog as well! So of course I completely understand this story! Well done, I say!

Oh, and Happy New Year!

Irish Gumbo

That's what it means to live in unconditional love. who wouldn't want that?

BTW, Mama Dawg, you sound a lot like one of my cousins. A cousin that I like ;)

Happy New Year!

Captain Dumbass

Oh Mama Dawg, I could listen to you and LOML read the phone book all day long. Sigh.

Happy New Year and lotsa love to you both.


Simply wonderful! mama Dawg you are going to heaven!

Twenty Four At Heart



godgolly mz. molly you done made me cry.

that is the best thing i've seen all day :)


oh and also? i LOVE YOUR ACCENT. sigh. seriously. just make a video where you talk for five minutes. that would make my day.


Awww! I love a child and their dog. PRECIOUS!


Children and dogs...nothing better

Mom Taxi Julie

Oh my gosh that is ADORABLE! And your puppy looks like our first dog.

The Nice One

How sweet. I am always so touched by the bonds between kids and their dogs. So fun to see how they develop.

Happy 2009

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