Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Yeah, it's that time again. Time for me to pimp my stuff.

However, it's a legit pimpin'.

'Cause it's the holidays, y'all.

Didn't ya know?

If you're looking for the perfect gift for your child's teacher or for that lady you know who wears a badge or keys around her neck at her job, my lanyards are the PERFECT gift!

The ones below are a small sampling of what I have to offer.

I can custom make a lanyard to match the school colors of the teacher.

I can just flat out make a custom lanyard! If you don't see a color scheme or theme that you like, just send me an e-mail and I can make one.

If it's a custom order, I need to have all orders in by December 15th to insure they get made and delivered to your doorstep.

I call this one, the Flight of the Bumblebee.

This one is for that ladybug lover in your life.

I love the Asian inspired theme of this one. These are some of my favorite beads and the color combination is to die for.

I LOVE this one. It's made completely of glass beads and is very classy.

I've gotten the most comments on this one from friends and family. I love the color combo.

If lanyards aren't your thing, check out my jewelry sets.
This one is understated and very simple. It works well with jeans and a twinset or you can use it to compliment your party togs during the holidays.

I love the color scheme on this one. Perfect for the holidays.

These next two sets are perfect for your little girl.

So, come check me out at my etsy shop The Briar Patch. (click on the name for a direct link).
You can also get to me via my sidebar on the right.
I'll be hosting a contest later this week, so make sure you come back!
Thanks for looking.
Mama Dawg

14 really cool people who give a rat's patootie:

Irish Gumbo

Awww, mannnn! Why do girls get to wear all the cool stuff? I haven't really been able to accessorize since I got rid of the little gold cross pierced earring I wore many, MANY moons ago. Ah, well, another necktie for me I suppose...

Very nice! :)


I didn't know you were crafty. huh.


Pretty cool shit ya gots there biznitch!

Pseudonymous High School Teacher

Hey! A fellow beader. Cool stuff Mama Dawg.

Jaden Paige

Wow, I like them a lot! They are beautiful! I didn't even know you had an etsy shop... So thanks for saving your pimping yourself till now :) I know some peeps who just pimp to the max, I mean like way too much pimping, and it really deters me from reading them as much. So I appreciate your pimp restraint. Heh. :)

Swirl Girl

Love the lanyard ideas for teacher gifts, school administrator and health clerk...

Mama Dawg

Well, there you go. It's one stop shopping at my etsy.

Jennifer and Sandi

Very Very Nice!!!! Love the crosses

- Jennifer


How the hell did I not know about your etsy shop? Very cute necklaces!

Captain Dumbass

What's a lanyard? It sounds very nautical.


Pimpin Azz aint easy!

Irish Gumbo

MD: I know you have already been tagged with the Manwards, but i have to give you your props:

I have given you the awards, as required by Da Roolz! You can see them at Irish Gumbo.


These are nice! I wish I was crafty.


I'm going to order some for my kids' teachers. I need to figure out the school colors (I suck, I know) and figure out how many and then I will place my order. You rock!

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