Friday, December 19, 2008

A Bacon Tale

Did she say bacon?

Hey, let's go find the bacon.

Maybe it's over here........nope.

Hey stupid, the bacon's not up here. Why did you tell me it was?

I's gonna go find de bacon all by mysef since you cain't be nice.

Nope, not de bacon. But she tastes good!

Ewwwww....dat's not bacon.

Holy schmoly, dat's fer sure not bacon!

Gimme de bacon before I turn on you, HUMAN!

Dreamin' of bacon. Mmmmmmmmm........

I hope you have delicious dreams this weekend. Even if it includes bacon!

If you wanna join in, click on over to
Carrie's for more fun!


Mama Dawg

24 really cool people who give a rat's patootie:


Glad you included LOML in one of the pics. Her smile always brightens my day! Happy Weekend, Mama!

Pacing the Panic Room


I'm going to the kitchen now to make bacon.


Hmmmmmmmm Bacon. Big fan! That was pretty hilarious.

Oh my, the fugly sweater? Wow, hope I'm not getting it this year for Christmas.

Irish Gumbo

Bacon. Tasty, tasty bacon...which reminds me, I need to get more bacon.

And I am not sharing it with anyone, so there!

Re: Ryan's post - Fun factoid: Where I grew up, "makin' bacon" was a slang term for gettin' your freak on. Wait, gettin' your freak on is also a slang term for "bumpin' uglies". Hold on, bumpin' uglies is also a slang term for scrumpin'. AIIIGGGHHH! That's a slang term for...oh, damn this is too recursive...makin' bacon meant having sex.

Jeez, I've gotten confused between bacon and sex. I must be hungry for SOMETHING...


I shall send him some yummy English bacon!


awww! That's so cute. God, I love bacon. what are you trying to do to me?! Not-so-subliminal messaging?!


heh heh... you said 'bacon'..

Vodka Mom

That was adorable! And now I'm HUNGRY again. Last time it was sausage and now it's damn bacon. How's a girl supposed to lose weight around here?????? damn you.

Sarah's Blogtastic Adventures

Mmmmmmmm bacon! I think I gained 5 pounds just thinking about eating bacon. : ) Have a great weekend!


very cute!! we had a dog once that knew the word bacon and every time we said it he went bonkers looking for his treats!

Pseudonymous High School Teacher

Holy fucking shit mama. Your links made my morning. Fugly Christmas sweaters followed by the back-haired, leotard wearing, package falling Beyonce dancer.

AND you used my favorite expression that my 19 year old daughter does not like me using, "Fuck Me" Thre is nothing lese to say aobut that video.

Love the chasing bacon pics too.

Thanks agian. I think I'll go watch the video again before I head off to work.

Captain Dumbass


Melanie D

ok I probably could have done without the dude dancing with his junk hanging out!!! still freaking hilarious though...Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!!!


Mmmmmm, bacon...

Oh wait, CDA said the same thing. But I think he was thinking Canadian bacon. :D


LOL! way cute. I love the photo of the cat's face. that caption says it all! HA!


We have this catalog that is full of bacon products. There is bacon scented air freshner for your car. Bacon bandaids. Bacon mints. A bacon wallet. It's so hilarious. And I will have to find it so I can send you the url and you can peruse all the bacony goodness online. Or at least show your doggies :-)

Irish Gumbo


You've been reading the Archie McPhee catlogue, haven't you?



Cute pups!

I wonder if I have bacon at home?

Jennifer and Sandi

YUM BAcon!!! Sure looks comfy sleeping there!!!!

- Jennifer


LOL.. Loving it..


What a great post!! Very fun journey:-)

Swirl Girl

I did crack up to that video! What a package that dude has!!

now tha song is stuck in my head....


Send them here I'll make them bacon and you and your girl. Do it now

Scary Mommy

A day in the life, LOL! Too cute!!

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