Friday, December 12, 2008

Friday Foto Fiesta Finish

Do you feel a breeze?

I feel a breeze.

For the life of me, I can NOT figure out where it's come from.

It's a real head scratcher.

Oh, well, Happy (real early or real late) Mardi Gras!


Mama Dawg

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30 really cool people who give a rat's patootie:

Vodka Mom

now THAT made me laugh!! thanks.

Irish Gumbo

MY EYES!!! MY EYES!!! Oh, dear lord, the agony! IT BURRRRNNNSSS!

Not that I was looking that close, mind you, butt (get it? 'butt?) what do you suppose those red mark are on the...cheek?


Oh dear!
And he's standing there like he has no idea!


And this is why I'd never go to Mardi Gras.




lmao omg i remember this picture! was that at bacchus?


That ain't a breeze you're's steam. 'Cause he's smokin' hot.

Dang, I'm all hearing strains of a particular Buckcherry song now...


That's hysterical. A homemade thong of sorts? He looks like he's feeling no pain. That was better than a cup of coffee!


Love it!! Oooo... I cannot wait for Mardi Gras!! My favorite time of the year!


Haha.. okay that was too funny!


EWWW!!!! Where are the censor bars when you need them? LOL!!


If you look really closely*, you can see another mark on the right-hand cheek - I believe that they are EYES. He has eyes drawn on his buttcheeks, as part of some Mardi Gras tradition...?

*I did. I couldn't stop myself. I have to go wash my eyeballs.

Captain Dumbass

If it's Mardi Gras, where are the boobs!?!?

And how does that man manage to stand upright? He has no ass muscles to hold up that massive stomach.

Swirl Girl

what's with the lipstick on his cheeks? hahahahahaha

La Pixie

ew, I taste vomit in my mouth!


That is tooooooo funny!!


WHY? really WHY?

but you know, this does crack me up! :)

Trooper Thorn

It looks like that shorts modification was done on purpose, but for what purpose eludes me.


I'm with Troop...

What on earth was the purpose??!?!?!

But I still laughed...


OK, that is funny butt I have a question... What is on his ass? Those red circles? And was that on purpose? Did he lose a bet? I think I am going to grab a brew and wash that photo from my head.....


hahaha Anything goes at Mardi Gras and usually the less the better.


OH, thank you for making me not the only one to disclude my kids from a traditional pic for Friday Foto!! I'm cracking up!!!

Mom Taxi Julie

Oh my gawd

Momo Fali


Pseudonymous High School Teacher

It's really not fair that the men get boobs and us girls get ... what is it exactly?


You would THINK he would notice that...well depending on how many drinks he had consumed..


Are you okay? We missed "Who Would You Do?" yesterday!


Is that your man?

You lucky girl!


I'm missing you...
just checking in.


Lula hears Buckcherry????? I shudder to think which song. But, yeah, that's smokin' right there.

Hey....where are you????

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