Monday, June 1, 2009

Who Would You Do?: The Outtakes

This guest post was brought to you by one of my favorite Middle Aged Women EVER! MAW over at Unmitigated. Please hold your applesauce til the end of the post, thankyouverymuch.

We are all familiar with Mama Dawg's Monday morning tradition of proposing a variety of sex partners, and forcing us all to choose amongst them for her amusement. I happen to know that there are several lists which never made publication. While she is helplessly enthralled to The Mouse, along with LOHL, I thought I'd share this behind-the-scenes look at just what she has withheld.

First, there's this one...

Even the atheists moan, "Oh, God!" during really great sex. Which of the following holy figures brings you closest to visions of a Supreme Being? Gandhi, Mother Teresa of Kolkata, St. Francis of Assisi, or Martin Luther, founder of modern Protestantism? Remember, you can only pick one!

What about this politically incorrect one....

John F. Kennedy and Bill Clinton made sex in the White House, well, sexy! They don't call them "heads" of state for nothing, you know. Which former president would you like to haunt the Lincoln Bedroom with? Martin Van Buren (sweet sideburns o' love!), John Tyler (he can Tippy my canoe!), Harry S Truman (what did he say stops here??), or Richard M. (18-And-a-Half-Minutes-of-Love) Nixon? Remember, choosing more than one can get you a congressional subpoena!

And, finally....

Sweet, Golden Moments of Love, brought to you by the Golden Girl of your choice. Who will it be? Seductress Rue McClanahan, Dominatrix Bea Arthur, Wide-Eyed, Innocent Betty White, or Snarky, Sexy Estelle Getty ? Picture your date on one of those Miami-area topless beaches. Once you've finished gouging your own eyes out with a spork, I'm sure the lovin' will be hot!

8 really cool people who give a rat's patootie:

sassy stephanie

I'm opting out of this WWYD Monday. We got one pass right? Pass.

Bobby G

WOW i gotta go w/ Mom T, only chick, Harry S truman, and OBVIOUSLY Rue! Blanche was a hottie! lol


This Monday madness is like WHOA! I am going for Mother Teresa, Truman and Rue. And now I need to go bathe.

Pseudonymous High School Teacher

The first set just feels wrong. But I'll play.

Gandhi, Tyler, and Bea. Bring her back.


This is so wrong on so many different levels!

Ummm Gandhi, Truman, Betty White. Now I feel all icky all over. Thanks MAW.

I am going to go join Jess in the shower. Not like that you sickos!

Captain Dumbass

Sigh. You're worse than MD. Ghandi, Truman and... Rue, I guess. Gah!

Swirl Girl

Now that I have to go say some hail mary's (and I am jewish!) I'll skip the first one - answer to #2 is ...where's JFK or Clinton who obviously were very comfortable in the 'doing' department. and Rue of course.


What, are you kidding me? Betty White was and is a saucy minx!

I mean, of course she's no Helen Mirren, but then who is?

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