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Tea Cups, Flying Carpets and Race Cars

On Tuesday, June 2, we headed to the most magical lands of all......The Magic Kingdom.

Hands down, this is my favorite park EVER! Epcot is right behind, but nothing beats walking on Main Street and seeing the castle for the first, 25th or 300th time. Each time it takes my breath away.

When you arrive before the park opens, they have an opening ceremony where they invite one family to help open the parks. Characters come out, there's some singing and dancing and then some confetti and glitter.

What a way to open the park!

Here's all the characters lined up.

And here's a short vid of the ceremony.

Once we got on Main Street, we were going to head out straight towards Tomorrowland but got derailed by the sight of Mary Poppins.

She made some witty conversation with LOML. LOML had been eating some sort of blue candy and had some blue-ish teeth as a result. Mary asked if she had been eating blue cupcakes that morning.

We made a break for Tomorrowland but decided about half way there to just go straight to Fantasyland to ride the Mad Tea Cups. This has been declared our favorite family ride.

While in line, we noticed the White Rabbit himself riding in the tea cups. I've never seen this before and was thrilled to see it. I was disappointed that we weren't the ones to ride with him, but the sight of those little girls faces when they got off put a HUGE smile on my face.

I LOVE capturing LOML's face when she's riding this ride. Usually she's laughing so hard, but in this one, she's actually the one doing the "steering". She was working so hard to get it to go as fast as possible. Good thing mom and I don't easily get motion sick! She was working it!

After we got off the ride, we saw that the White Rabbit was granting autographs and pictures. Of course, we hurriedly got in line. Next to Alice and the Cheshire Cat, he's my favorite Alice character. I couldn't resist a pic.

Yeah, yeah. Make fun of my fanny pack all you like. It saved my back and wasn't a pain to mess with. I don't care if I did look like a dork with all that crap hanging off of it. I rarely had to take it off or search for stuff.

We rode a couple of more rides in Fantasyland before heading over to Adventureland. This is my favorite land in the whole park. It has Pirates of the Carribean, The Swiss Family Treehouse AND The Jungle Cruise.

Here's a short vid of our skipper on our boat.

The jokes never get old.

And here's a picture of the famous landmark......THE BACK SIDE OF WATER!!!!! (if you're a Jungle Cruise fan or have ever ridden it, you'll get this joke)

At some point, we found ourselves in Frontierland and had just sat down to take a break when these guys showed up and started singing. Not too many people stopped to listen to them, so when mom started doing her trill and clapping loudly, they took notice and had some fun with us. I love getting special attention in the parks.

After Frontierland, we decided to head back to the hotel to get some rest. When we arrived back later in the day, we decided to take the Walt Disney World Railroad over to Toontown.

When I got up on top of the train station, I took this shot of the castle.

And then I looked to my right and took a shot of my old stomping grounds, Tony's Town Square Restaurant. I miss working there.

Here's a shot of LOML waiting for the train. She purchased these Minnie ears herself. She decided on these instead of a Mickey ears hat.

When we arrived in Toontown, we toured Mickey's house and I discovered a Hidden Mickey I had never seen before.

Do you see it?

We left Mickey's and headed for Minnie's Country House. I could take or leave Toontown, but LOML loves going here, so we do.

Here's LOML on Minnie's back porch.

Who's this lady doing a puzzle in Disney World?'s my mom!

We left Toontown after riding the Barnstormer and headed to Fantasyland to ride Mickey's Philharmagic. On the way, LOML spotted the Winnie the Pooh ride and asked if we could ride it. Mom had never ridden it before so off we headed. We wanted to eat dinner first, so we grabbed some Fastpasses to come back later and lo and behold, we got an extra surprise! We got special Fastpasses for Mickey's Philharmagic! SCORE!!!

After we rode/saw those two, we headed back to Tomorrowland to grab a quick ride on the Speedway. The line surprisingly wasn't that long and we were able to get on after a 15 minute wait. While in line, I had LOML hold up a sign for my girl Jess!

Hi, Jess!

Here's LOML checking out the mechanics of the car. She decided against accelerating and just wanted to steer.

Big mistake. LOL!

We then backtracked back to Fantasyland to catch the carrousel. I love this ride. It's over way too quick though.

We headed back to Adventureland to end out the evening and grabbed a quick ride on Aladdin's Magic Carpets.

LOML sat in front and when I asked her to look back, this is the look she gave me.

I'm in trouble when she gets older, arent' I? LOL!

If she keeps those kinds of looks up, I'm gonna need to get me a pellet gun to ward off all the boys.

Mom took this pic when I wasn't looking. I think it sums up our day quite nicely, don't you?


Mama Dawg

12 really cool people who give a rat's patootie:

Jennifer and Sandi

WOW another day of great pictures. Love the picture of her in Minnie's chair on the porch!!

- Jennifer

Jaden Paige

hahaha, I have almost the SAME pic of me, my mom and brother riding the bus back, and we are all leaning on each other like you two!! Aww, you are making me miss Disney so much this week! It's almost painful... It's a testament to how much I like your blog that I am coming back again and again to suffer through this jealousy... bwahaha! ;)

LOVE the look she gave you! Priceless! Yes, you'll have to watch out for those boys!

I'm sad that I can't get your videos to work for me... But I also wanted to say... DUDE. A fanny pack?! Really?!

Sorry, just HAD to tease. Those things went out... like... at least 10 years ago. :P

Bobby G

My dad made us all sick on the teacups, we were spinning the fastest tho lol


I am not sure if I could decide between Epcot and Magic Kingdom. But Expedition Everest is still my favorite ride :-)

And I have never seen the White Rabbit at the parks...we got great pictures with Alice and the Mad Hatter last time we were there...I'd love to see more characters!

Pseudonymous High School Teacher

I'm really enjoying this trip via your posts. You all look so summery. And I like your sunglasses mama.

I'm so proud of your mom. The teacups used to be my favorite ride and the last time I went to disneyland they made me dizzy.

Melanie D

I love the picture of LOML on the tea cup ride, she looks like she is having so much fun. I hope one day I can take my kids there....yes I am one of those deprived children that never got to Disneyland. Love the videos too.


I'm tired just reading about it! Thanks for sharing all the photos and vids!


Tomorrowland was my favorite, and The Animal Kingdon of course. I love reading this and seeing the pics, it makes me want to go back!!

Fanny packs are the bomb.


Ohhhhhhhh hello!! I LOVE MY SIGNS!! LOML doesn't seem so sure though...And damn I wish I would have been there fo real! I love me some Disney!!!!!!!!! And just so you know...I wore a gigantic fanny pack the last time I was at Disney...complete with water bottle and sunblock holder. Boo ya!


It seems like everyone I know, in blogland and IRL have been to Disney but me. Maybe one day, if I'd win the lottery 'cause I know it's not cheap.

Thanks for sharing, that was a cool post :)


We had THE SAME Mary Poppins at our character breakfast at the Grand Floridian! I am sure of it. I even pulled out pics to check.

The Magic Kingdom is my 2nd favorite park, BTW.


I LOVE looking for hidden mickeys!!

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