Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Another Day in the Dawg House

I can’t believe Mamma Dawg is at Disney World! I can’t believe she left the keys to her house where I could find them! One of these days she is gonna learn…

Where the hell did I put my beer…? Hey, you! Yes, you, with the nipple tassels! Can you go and grab me another beer? Thanks lovely!

I was thinking about back in the day, before the interwebernet (yes, there was such a time), and what avenues were available to you to meet people from different parts of the land.

For me, it was being a pen-pal. I have had a pen-pal for 18 years now. We first started writing to each other in 4th grade and continued until the availability of the internet, and then e-mailing each other. Then came the invention of cell phones, with no long distance charges, so we finally got to speak to each other more than twice a year. (Used to just be on birthdays) Then we got a little older and had money and were able to fly to see each other. All in all, we have met each other three times and now use text messaging and Facebook to keep us connected!

Here is a picture of myself and long time pen-pal June:


I still have all of the letters that she sent me and she also has all of mine. I am one day hoping to scan all of mine in and she scan hers and make a book so we can keep the memories! No doubt the letters are priceless!

All of that was to kinda mirror what Momma D said in her earlier post about friends.

Meet as many people as you possibly can, keep the ones that make YOU a better person, enjoy yourself as much as possible and smile as often as you can! It totally works!

12 really cool people who give a rat's patootie:


Some of the best friends I have made are ones I haven't actually "met"

Bobby G

There is certainly something to be said about the dedication of a pen pal! NICE WORK girl!

sassy stephanie

I had a pen pal in elementary. I think we wrote each other once or twice. Wicked cool that you kept up with June so much.


I just realized I totally forgot to introduce myself...how awesome am I to think everyone already knows who I am!

Oh well...hi! I'm Jess over at http://this-life-is-mine.blogspot.com/

Pseudonymous High School Teacher

Very cool story Jess. Since I started a blog last year, I feel close to many friends I have met through the blogosphere. I can only imagine what all those years of letter would be like.


I was confuse to how Mama Dawg and you have the same pen pal, and how she has a picture of you and the penpal. I figured it out now. Whew!


Kat - great isn't it!! Can't wait for your venture back to the States!

Bobby G - **high five!!**

SS - the pen pal thing is alot easier these days, though I think doing it old school is something the kids will miss out in this lifetime.

PHST - I too have become close to bloggy peeps...it is almost like having a really large living room to tell stories in...

Larkin - you are a tard and I love you thiiiiiiiiiiissssssssssss much!

Irish Gumbo

Jess, I was prepared to be agrump workin' off a full dayof job/life stress, and here you go making me all warm and fuzzy and feeling good (although it could be the gin and tonic I'm drinking...nah, it was the post..hic).

What a nice post! and 18 years as a pen pal, wow.

I, too, have met and made friends with a lot of very cool people over the 'net. Pleased to meecha!

Captain Dumbass

All of my friends are bloggers. Which is sad. Maybe it's because of my cyclops eye?

♥ Braja

I actually don't 'give a rat's patootie,' as you put it: I just came here because Captain Dumbass suggested it. Now I'm gonna go back and kick his ass before he thinks he has any power over me.

This is not to say that you and I cannot be friends in the future....


My spouse met someone on the Internet. He left me and our child for them. I guess that's not a pen pal so much as a penis pal.


Irish - gin and tonic you say...yummmmmmm! Pleased ta meet you too...now where is my drink?

Capt D - what about those two short people you live with? OH and just think! You have a place to stay just about anywhere you go! HOW FUN!

Braja - you don't let him push you around...don't hesitate to do the ol one two on him!

Anon - I am sorry for your hurt. The internet was just a convenient way for him to leave; he would have left even if it was still old school (non-internet days) because he is a fucktard and I would kick him in the teeth right now if he was here. Start blogging about it...nothing like a bunch of blogger support for such things!!

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