Friday, March 6, 2009

Loads O' Crap

How come I always have brilliant ideas for a blog post when I’m in the crapper?

And to top it off, by the time I wipe, pull up my panties and whatnot, wash my hands and get back to my desk, I’ve completely forgotten it.

Do I need to start taking a notebook and pen or a voice recorder into the pot with me? How funny would that be?

“Ok, remember that one time that you worked at a strip club and that guy came over to you and sa…” *speaking into the recorder*

*knock, knock*

“Ummmm…are you okay in there?” (unseen person on the other side of the door)

“Huh? Oh, yeah. I’m fine. Just talking to myself.”

See, that just wouldn’t work.



Have any of you heard of Lily Allen? She’s a brilliant singer from England. She has this one song called “Not Big”.

Now, I’m not a man hater by any means. I love men. I simply adore them. I’d love you too, but you know, proximity being what it is with blogs, you’re out of luck on that end.

Wait, I don’t think I know any single male bloggers.

Take back that last statement.

Anywho, here’s a clip of the song. I simply adore it. I think it’s a hilarious revenge song.

Ladies, are you with me?

Yeah. Yeah, you are. I can see you all *nodding* your heads along. (Kat, that one's for you, my England buddy)


I have discovered two new bloggers.

Y'all need to go and check them out.

Seriously. They rock.

Dave over at Accumulative Dimunitive is my new bloggy crush. His posts blow me away. They're a mix of Ryan over at the Pacing the Panic Room and Captain Dumbass over at Us and Them.

A perfect combo in my opinion.

And his friend, Charles, JUST started his blog. I love the title, Chicken In The Bread Pan. So, hop on board now. I have a feeling his train is going to shoot out of the station fast. (not a euphemism for premature ejaculation, y'all. At least, not this time. Get your heads out of the gutter).

Have a good Friday y'all. I'm here but not. It's my day off. This is pre-posted.

Yeah, I suck. Who cares? You get to read this lovely little gem of a post.

I have to organize a scavanger hunt for LOML's party on Saturday. Wish me luck!


Mama Dawg

18 really cool people who give a rat's patootie:


In the crapper or on the crapper? Here in Lilly Allen land I haven't heard that phrase before, but I can tell you this, I much prefer to sit on the crapper, I don't fit in it these days...;op


That is one bizarro song!


Oh, you should totally leave a notepad in the crapper. It's what all the fancy bloggers do but would never admit to it.
Off to check out your new bloggy finds. Have a great friday with LOML.

Sarah's Blogtastic Adventures

Lily Allen is awesome!

Petra a.k.a The Wise (*Young*) Mommy

I have heard of Lily Allen, she's cool.

Good luck with the scavenger hunt and have fun this weekend girl!

sassy stephanie

Ahh a scavenger hunt with a bunch of giggly girls. Love it.

Luvin' Lilly.

Pseudonymous High School Teacher

You should have notepads everywhere. That's a wide ranging thinker you got there.

Jaden Paige

Have fun! I hope LOML's party goes off without a hitch! :)

Twenty Four At Heart

Lily Allen is just FUN. I'm a musicaholic, did you know that? So Mama Dawg .... I hear there's this new blogger Twenty Four At Heart. She flashes her boobs on twitpic sometimes. You have to be careful because you just never know when she might point her boob at you!


scavenger hunts are THE BEST!!! Hope she has a great party! Now I'm off to read your new crushes


I always seem to feel the need to poopers when im writing a blog...but when Im done with the blog, the moment has passed..Oh, the irony..

Swirl Girl

I love to check out new blogs - thanks for the suggestions!

The Stiletto Mom

You know, talking into a recorder in the bathroom isn't any worse than this new fad of talking on a cell phone while peeing. I say go for it.


I like the blog names (of your two new crushes). very creative and catchy.

I make notes about possible blog posts all over the place. Napkins, papers at work, a little notebook in my purse...

Captain Dumbass

I carry a notepad with me everywhere, 'cause you never know. And my iTouch has a notepad program in it. The trick is remembering you wrote in them.


Lily Allen is such a guilty pleasure!

Irish Gumbo

I just bought a small notebook that goes with me everywhere, because leaving the crapper festooned with Post-its just got too embarrassing. DO IT! It's quieter than a voice recorder. :)


get yourself an iPhone. the little notepad is brilliant and you can email it to yourself so that when you get back to your desk you can pick up where you left of, minus the smell...

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