Thursday, March 5, 2009

Toothpaste On My Belly

(I got nuttin' this is a re-post from 2008, enjoy!)

Did you know it was possible to get toothpaste dribble on your belly?

It is.

Especially when you've just gotten out of the shower, your buck ass nekkid, you're in the middle of brushing your teeth and one of your cats (yeah, I'll call him out, it was J.D.) comes by and bites you on the ankle making you jump right as you're about to spit.

Yeah, it's possible to get toothpaste dribble on your belly.


Mama Dawg

13 really cool people who give a rat's patootie:

Pseudonymous High School Teacher

Well, I missed this the first time around so new to me. JD has a great sense of humor ; -)


Incredible, my post today involved toothpaste, but a crotch, not a belly, but close huh?!

Mama Dawg

Yeah, by about 4-6 inches. Depending on how big the belly is.

Jaden Paige

haha! He totally did that on purpose, you know. :P


I spray toothpaste on myself all the time with my electric toothpaste. And nobody bit me. It's just the clumsy, typical me.

Twenty Four At Heart

When I get toothpaste dribbles on my belly it's a sure sign it's time to DIET. But I have no cat, and I've got huge boobs. If the dribble hits my belly it means my stomach is now bigger than my boobs ...


that is tff


Really, when anything weird happens, it's always helpful to blame the kitties. :)


Whatever will we do with out cats. Tthey just love to make us make messes. I think my cats work together with our dogs to make messes because they know the dogs will automatically get blamed.

Stinkin cats.

Captain Dumbass

I can't think of a 'clean' response to this so I'm going to just keep walking.

Where's Jess when you need her?


Who brushes their teeth naked?

Sarah's Blogtastic Adventures

Well I guess toothpaste is better than hot bacon


I learn something new everyday.
How does toothpaste clean the
belly button? Is it worth trying.

Also, you had snow, bet you that
was a rarity. Sadly, up here we
still have about 2 1/2 feet and
the streets are like ice arenas.

***Maybe lock you cat out of the

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