Tuesday, March 3, 2009

That White Fluffy Stuff


........it snowed. For real. In Mississippi.

It started late night on the 28th and it literally COVERED THE GROUND!

We were so excited.

We had had predictions of it but you know how weather men are. They're usually wrong.

But, nope.

Not this time.

We had SNOW!!!!!!

It actually snowed last year around this time, too.

LOML claims it's her early birthday present from Mother Nature since her birthday is next week.

I don't disagree with her.

This was Max's first snow.

I had to take a video to commemorate the occasion.

And, as usual, I had to take tons of pics.

Here's Max. He found himself some trash. No surprise there. The yard is usually littered with crap he's found.

He looks so proud of himself.

Here's LOML all bundled up. Look at those rosy cheeks!

I love the look of holly berries and snow. The epitome of winter in my opinion.

Here's LOML and our dogged attempt at a snow-person. We named her Gloria. Gloria has since passed on. Or Max ate her. One of the two.

If you look at my header, you'll see this is the same path that you can see through the window. I love the view from LOML's room.

Here's LOML making a snow angel.

Here's the result. She was so proud.

I triple dog dared her. She accepted. I didn't have the heart to tell her that the car is fiberglass and not metal. Shhhhhh!!!!

Here's the view of our house from the other side of the highway. Look at all that snow!

We had such a blast.
My mom collected some snow and made snowcream. She used milk, vanilla and sugar. It was delish.

Here's a vid of LOML eating snowcream.

Mom then made homemade pancakes, sausage and eggs for us. We decided to make it a snow day and stayed in our p.j.'s for almost the entire day.

I will say that as much fun as it was, I could NOT handle that day after day. All that tracked in snow and mud? No thank you.


In other news, I got a call from a friend last night with some awesome news. The Army captain just found out that he's going to be company command of the 122 men in Charlie company. This is a HUGE milestone for him in his Army career and I'm so happy for him. He sounds excited about this milestone. He gets a ceremony and everything. I am sooooo proud of him. He's come such a long way since high school. His news put a smile on my face and it hasn't left yet. I love it when good things happen to people I care about. Of course, the downside to this means that he's going to Afghanistan in late summer. That I don't care for, but it's where he wants to be. So, I'll suck up my fear and support him in every way possible. I forsee lots and lots of letters and care packages over the next year.


I am bummed about one thing.

My friend Jess over at This Life Is Mine is gone for a WHOLE WEEK!!! I don't know if I can stand it.

She's my rock when I'm at work.

Sigh.....Jess.....come back soon. I'm bored.

Have a good Tuesday everyone!


Mama "The Snow" Dawg

24 really cool people who give a rat's patootie:

Twenty Four At Heart

Snow! It's sooooo pretty!

rachael chatoor

That is so cute, love the first snow experience for animals.

Glad you had so much fun with the snow. Up here we just groan....well the kids love it, but anyone who has to drive just feels like crying when it snows here. Cute snow angel! :)


Seriously, Gloria is one hot snowwoman... too bad she passed


I didn't realize you were another Miss'ippi girl! You must be 'up north' though, cuz we got no snow down here on the coast.


We had snow here a few months ago, and my girls had NEVER seen it because we NEVER have snow in Louisiana. They absolutely loved it, glad you both enjoyed it :)


I love the snow...and did not get to see any this year!

Pseudonymous High School Teacher

Max is adorable with his find in his mouth.

LOML and her snowman remind me of the snowman part of To Kill a Mockingbird.

Happy Snow day mama.


As to Army Man, hang in there sista. Give me a shout if ya need it.


Glad someone could enjoy the snow, cuz even my kids are sick of it now. That might be the smallest snowman I've ever seen - very cute.


I thought it was illegal to make a snowman that small?


Your house, and the setting around it looks so quaint, lovely and homey. The snow photos are wonderful!

The snowman is adorable and the angel is one of the best I've seen - probably because of the contrast with the brown grass against the white snow. Your little angel, made the perfect snow angel!

Captain Dumbass

I told you I'd send some. Happy Birthday, LOML.


I love those pics. You and LOML look like you had a wonderful day. The stuff memories are made of. :)


dude I am jealous! Snow?!?!

Melanie D

Glad you had fun in the snow, here it is finally melting enough that we can see the ground underneath!!!!


That little snowman is so cute. I can't believe you got snow. It's so magical to people who don't get it that much. It gets quite old for the rest of us. The holly and berries picture is sensational!

The Panic Room

That Mississippi accent is the best! I can't believe it is getting this cold in March in the south. You keep track of the snowman pictures year to year. If this keeps up in 10 years the snowman might actually get to be 6ft tall.


awwww that's the cutest little snow person ever!


Your snow day looks like a blast! I love the tiny snowman! The pic of the holly and the snow should be your holiday card for next year!!

Petra a.k.a The Wise (*Young*) Mommy

your daughter is adorable, but I am sorry, that is the most ghetto snow angel I have ever seen!

hahahahahahahhaha. Come on up here to Massachusetts and I'll show you some snow baby cakes!


Look at y'all, loving some snow. Some Mississippi snow!


i'm glad you love snow. would you like some of mine? like... a foot? :) heh. illinois gets bombed this time of year. the first snow, around christmas time, gets me so happy and excited.... until i try to drive. or walk down the street. or. go outside.

max is hilarious!! and he's such a cute dog. so fluffy!!!!

snow cream?????????? hmmm...... that's totally new to me!!!! you southerners are so tricky! :)

The Stiletto Mom

That is the worlds tiniest snowman...so cute!!! Also, I am in love with your southern drawl on that video!

Mommy Mo

I can't believe you had so much snow, in Mississippi! And LOML is just about as cute as she can be.

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