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What Would Joey Potter Do?

I have a dilemma.

Well, technically, LOML has a dilemma.

But, I'm her mama, so it's my dilemma, too. Cause she keeps asking me what to do.

And I don't think I'm the best one in this situation to offer her advice on her particular problem.

See...there's a boy.

All right, all right, there's actually TWO boys.

Yeah, she takes after her mother. What can I say?

I've mentioned on here before that LOML has a boyfriend. His name is...well, for privacy sake, we'll call him Dawson.

Now, as I've mentioned before, Dawson and LOML met in the second grade. That was the year we moved here to this tiny burg.

Almost from the moment LOML walked in through the classrooms doors, he laid claim to her and has never looked back.

When she first told me of this "boyfriend" at 7 years of age, I dismissed it as a schoolgirl crush and never dreamed it was reciprocated.

Nine months later at her birthday party, I realized it just might be a "serious" relationship.

Well, as serious as 8 year olds can get.

At her 8th birthday party, he gave her a watch as her present.

Now, that's not THAT unusual, but it IS a piece of jewelry. And yes, I know his mother was the one that picked it out.

But still.....

Then, when we were at the mall one time, he was there and spotted LOML from a long distance. He practically tripped over his own feet to get to her. They stood there in the middle of the mall (with both moms within viewing distance but not within hearing distance) and talked for at least 10 minutes.

Now how many 8 year old boys do you know that will even acknowledge a girls presence let alone stand there and talk to her in a PUBLIC forum?

Not many, I'd gather.

Then, this past Christmas? I knew for a fact that it was "serious".

He gave her some bling.

Specifically, a heart shaped necklace.

It's really pretty. I mean, really pretty. Except for the Hannah Montana charm. That can be removed. We've already looked into that!

Here's the problem.

There's an older boy. Let's call him Pacey.

Pacey is in the 4th grade.

Pacey is in the gifted class, same as LOML. Dawson is not.

Pacey is pushing LOML to be his girlfriend. Not in a "pushy" way, he's just really interested in her.

Pacey is cute (Dawson is just as cute).

Pacey is funny (Dawson is funny, too).

Pacey gave LOML a ring.

Yes, he gave her a ring.

And what makes it even sweeter (at least from a mother's point of view), it's too big. And looks like it was his mothers at some point.

My heart went "awwwwww".

He gave it to her yesterday at the library. I asked LOML how he knew she would be at the library since we didn't even know we were going.

Her response?

"Oh, he's always prepared".

I wanted to laugh so hard. Then I wanted to cry. Then I got scared.

Cause as an adult, to me, being "prepared" basically means "having protection" and "being ready at the drop of a hat".

I know that's not what she meant and that's the furthest thing from their innocent little minds, but still, gave me a start.

I'm getting way off topic.

The dilemma LOML has is this...she likes both boys.

And she doesn't know what to do.

She's taking this very seriously, so I can't just laugh it off and say something like "I can only dream of having a problem like that these days" or something equally dismissive.

I have to take this seriously.

My first instinct is, "have 'em both". It's not like they're adults and this is a marriage situation. They're kids. Enjoy the attention while you can.

I've basically told her that she needs to follow her heart in this situation and that it's not something I can help her decide. That this is solely HER decision but that I'm here for her to talk to whenever she needs it.

What would Joey do in this situation?



Mama Dawg

27 really cool people who give a rat's patootie:


this is now my new favorite post from you.

I think we all know whom Joey ended up with in the Creek finale. But...she had to go through a lot with Dawson to get to happiness with Pacey. So...I dunno. BUT...I will say this...Pacey had me at hello. Well, from the minute he slept with his teacher. You know that was smokin' hot.

p.s. Are you gonna let us know how this all turns out? I'm on the edge of my seat.


Joey is not the person to ask.

Joey went out with Dawson.

Dawson is a gimp.

Nuff said!

Seriously? I don't know what to suggest, all I know is that when my baby girl is grown up enough to be interested in boys etc. I will be freaked out.


sassy stephanie

Hmm...the little man teaser. Ha!

My 8 yr old is heavily friends with a boy. FRIENDS I keep reminding them, as the feeling is mutual. They look for each other every day on the playground, sit on the bus together. He lives around the corner and comes over to play. Over Spring Break, she asked if he could spend the night. Um, no. That's where I draw the line. I know they are only second graders and it is all innocent enough, but I don't think at 8 yrs old we should be doing boy/girl sleep overs. Plus, he's 'older'. He will be 9 in May.

So, after all of my babbling up there, if it were me, I would encourage her to be friends with both. One of these boys may be mad if she 'chooses' the other and could turn their back on her. I know that would crush my daughter. I would encourage her to let them both know she is friends with each of them.

Bobby G

OK! First off nice Dawson reference!, Now Pacey is a douche bag! PERIOD! you dont move in on another guys girl! Just because Dawson isnt gifted, who cares!

Mommy Mo

Awwwww, this is so sweet and your post, at times, made me LOL. Such problems for such a young age.

Can't she have her cake and eat it too?


Sons of beyotches, I totally never watched even one episode of Dawson's Creek. I am so lost on what you are speaking of.

ANYWAY...tell your daughter, the awesome giraffe cookie making pimptress, that she can most certainly have both at this stage in the game, but to break one of their hearts gently if she must choose.

Boys are so cute. Times have changed though. At 8 boys were still waaayyy gross and they thought the same of girls too.

Melanie D

Uh oh, trouble at the creek!!! Having a daughter is scary, I had 2 moms come up to me on the same day stating that their son thought my daughter was their sons Girlfriend??? It starts in grade 1? EEKK
BTW Love your post


i'm totally in the dark as to the dawsons creek reference as well. oh well...

i hope she doesn't end up breaking Dawson's little heart. he sounds sweet!

and pacey shouldn't really be trying to make a move on someone else's girl like that!


Oh, to have these problems! I have zero answers for you!


Actually, looking at the photos again, I do have an answer...tell her to just stay away from that looney bird - Tom Cruise!


Geesh...Is this what I have to look forward to in a couple of years! BTW-love the Creek reference, what a great teenage angst filled show! I LOVED Pacey! Sorry no advice, Taylor's only 2. LMK what happens!

Captain Dumbass

I didn't watch that show so I don't get it, but what the hell kind of name is Pacey?


i'd stick with dawson. but. that said, i made the mistake of going after pacey when i had my dawson.... big mistake. huge. epic. so i'm biased.

Swirl Girl

I am not going to give you an answer but wait for the responses from others...

just preparing for my day of 9 year old confusion....

Pseudonymous High School Teacher

Oh my. I think your advice is best, but still wonder why someone that age can't have two "friends."


I think you gave her some very good advice with follow your heart. Only she can make this decision. Whatever she chooses, I am sure it will be a good choice. She's a smart girl. You should be proud.


I never watched that show...But, being the mommy to boys that have given gifts to girls and the girls dump them 2 days later...well, "if" she chooses one over the other....I hope she does it nicer than saying..."eww your gross" (true story) :)


I'm so jaded... my first reaction is that Joey was with both of them just for the ratings.
That said, there's something extra sweet about a first crush... there's always that glow of first-time feelings that can never be exactly replicated ever again. Sometimes you don't realize that until it's too late. :)


I think you gave her the best advice.

However, me, I'd tell, run far far away. And become a nun. I know what boys can do. :)


Ah, Mama Dawg, this is just the
prelude...i suggest valium for the
teenage years. I used to refer to
them as the "Black years."

My granddaughter (whose is a cross between Fairy Princess and Ninja
Warrior) started in Pre School.
She referred to her favorites as
My Joe or my steve (names have
been changed to protect the
innocent). Cpt. Dumbass' younger
brother bought his "girlfriend"
a pair of earrings (they were 10).
The clerk asked if he didn't want
the price tag removed. He replied
no, how else is she going to know how much I paid?" Good thinking
guy, had trouble convincing him
that not only should he not add
a zero to the tag, but that it
would not be gentlemanly to leave
it on.

Your daughter sounds like a sweetie!


Play on Playa, LOML. Why not have your cake and eat it too. Being 8 is way to young to be tied down to one hottie.


I never did watch Dawson's Creek. I know...I know... Lula is busy mailing me seasons of Buffy because I missed that one too (and thank goodness she is..I had no idea!)

I'm sure LOML will make the right decision. She's one smart cookie.


OK, wow, I have no idea who Joey is, but it looks like from the other comments it's Dawson's Creek? I never saw that show.

Your LOML is special. And so sweet.

I have two boys, and neither one is very into girls. So, that's pretty awesome LOML has two boys so into her.

Which one does she enjoy spending more time with? Which one does she go to bed thinking about? Which one does she feel the most HERSELF around? yet special...


As I recall, something similar happened to me in the second grade, and I was under strict instructions to report back to both boys that I was entirely too young to have a boyfriend. I guess that solved it, because I don't remember much else about it!


Oh man, who could decide? I'd stay stick with the one who's always been there and hasn't done anything to drive her away, and let the other one down easy, but then who knows?

How I don't look forward to this in too few years from now.

Someone already made a Tom Cruise reference, so now I've got nothing else to say.


Oh Lord, such a dilema


This entire post freaked me out. Is this what I have to look forward to in 5 years?

I would say she can have as many "friends" as she wants. There's no need to get serious about any one guy.

Good luck!

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