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I Sipped From The Well And It Was Blah

I know I'm probably going to piss a lot of Edward obsessed fans off with this but you know what? It's my blog and I have an opinion about this.

I like all kinds of books and movies. I'm pickier about my books than movies, but when all is said and done, if it ENTERTAINS me, I'm happy.

I, like millions of other women waaaaaayyyy out of their teen years, read the Twilight saga.

All four books.

And, it was.....eh.

The storyline has a punch but the writing was quite frankly, juvenile.

However, it IS after all, a teen book. It was not written for adults.

So, I can forgive that and say in all honesty, I was entertained by the books.

Will I consider them in my top favs?

Nope. Not even close.

I did like them enough to want to see the movie when it came out.

However, due to lack of all encompassing interest, I never saw it in the theatre. And I was fine with that.

I did buy the DVD on Saturday. But not at midnight on Friday like millions of others.

More like 8 pm on Saturday night. There were still about 100 copies in the specially made bin that was placed ever so cleverly in the junior clothing department.

I did take it home and watch it that night. Started it around 11 pm or so but had to stop it and watch the rest in the morning as I was too tired to continue.

That should tell you something right there.

As far as movies go, it was fine. Not great, not horrible.

Just fine.

Kristen Stewart is a horrible actress. Robert Pattinson is not hot at all. At least not in the movie. I preferred him as Cedric Diggory in the Harry Potter movie. There was NO emotional connection between the two. I blame Kristen for that.

They underutilized the character Jasper and the guy playing Jacob was a disappointment.

And as far as vampires go?


is NOT a vampire.

This, however......


And, really, who encompasses a vampire spirit more so than the one below:

Need I say more?


Mama Dawg

21 really cool people who give a rat's patootie:


Hmm, I think I'm gonna give the books and film a miss. Hope you won't mind.


I read the first book and then, had no interest in reading any more of them. And you know who would make a great vampire?? Johnny Depp :)

Bobby G

AGREED! Check out the HBO series Trueblood, its a lot like twilight (It came out first however) and its for adults, its a GREAT show!


yea, i'm not a member of the twilight cult myself. never read a book or watched the movie. now, don't get me wrong, i love me some vampires! but... bella lugosi is more my type of vampire!!

Jaden Paige

I am currently reading the third book, and while I'm enjoying it, it's not as good as the first two, and I would also agree with you and say not in my all-time tops.

I'm passing on the movie. I could see in the previews that she wouldn't be that impressive... And I really don't get the whole hooplah about him. I mean, he's cute and all... but just that, cute. As a boy of 15. Not hot as a man/ vampire/ mysterious being who has been around for hundreds of years.


I totally agree about Kristin. Ew. Horrible Bella. I would read Harry Potter over Twilight any day!!

I really liked the first one but I find it so difficult to get through New Moon! Not diggin it, but everyone is telling me to push through it because the next two are worth it.

I thought the movie was a lot funnier than the book. Overall I liked the movie, but I have a feeling that the movies are gonna go down hill!


mmmmmm Spike. Sorry, you side tracked me.

I really liked the books. Yes they were juvenile, yes they were poorly written. But as a middle school teacher I kinda had to read them. By the end of the second book I started counting all the times she used the word incredulous. It was over 30. The last book was about 150 pages too long and I was disappointed by the ending.

I did see the movie in the theater with a group of women from work. I hated it, they loved it. Maybe it was the giant margarita I had before we saw the show. I doubt it though.

I did get a call from my mom on Saturday. She bought me the movie.....



I am so behind in popular things...sigh.


i read them all.... and liked them, until frickin renesmee came into the mix, and i'm sorry, but that alien child RUINED the entire series for me. that last book just tainted them all.... even the writing style was WRONG and different in the last book. blech.

i watched this yesterday night, so funny you posted about it today- and, if i hadn't read the books, i probably wouldn't have liked the movie. the only thing i liked, i think, is that i could visualize what i had imagined- that was the only cool part. to say 'OH! that's her truck!' or 'oh! she has nice sheets on her bed!' 'oh! that jeep rocks!' but ... that was about it. i watched two people stutter for two hours. they didn't grasp that .... LOVE that the book did.

although. i did think he was hot. just sayin.

Pseudonymous High School Teacher

I finally just read Twilight last week. It was an easy read and I was amazed how formulaic romance novelish it was. I thought there would be more to it. But I did think the chemistry was there and that Edward made the untilmate romance hero. Strong, handsome, hot, and since he did not trust himself not to eat Bella, she could enjoy the chemistry and the forbiddeness of sex without any pressure to go too fast too soon. But I think it kind of sad that the kids so love thesimplistic bad writing.

We bought the movie this weekend also. I was disapointed in the movie too. The chemistry and heat just wasn't there like in the book. I did like the tree jumping and the setting locals though. I hated the chalky white make up, especially Carlisle. The book had them translucent white.


Haven't read them (though, technically, since my book is YA, I should be reading them so I can keep up with my market.. whaever), haven't seen the movie either. One of my best friends has read them all and probably seen the movie.. She loved the books, but still said her writing sucks.

I guess it's the writer in me, but it pisses me off when poorly written books that have a 'good story' get published.. yeah, it makes money. But it is especially bothersome to me when it's teens/YA books.. it's like setting a bad example.

Considering how many people are out there writing books that not only have the great story, but ALSO have great writing, it's just depressing to see stuff like that get published..

blah blah blah.. I'm done now. :P

True Blue Texan

Hells yes! I'll take James Marsden over Pattinson any damn day. The kid is just not good looking enough for Edward and for the record I have read all the books but have zero desire to see the movie. The books were entertaining if angsty but the movie has no hope in hell.

Swirl Girl

I have yet to take the plunge.
Never was a big KoolAid fan.

The Nice One

Well, the only vampire I like as much as R.Patz is Bill Compton on True Blood.
But to say he's not hot? OH my...OH my...

Yea K.S. is a wretched actress...bleck.

Captain Dumbass

You put up my man-crush! And Spike was SO awesome. I hope whoever was responsible for canceling Angel is still burning inside the Hell Mouth.

As for Twilight, WTF is with that kid's hair?


I took my daughter to the Twilight release party on Friday night at Borders. It was somewhat amusing to watching the squealing tweens. And there were actually hecklers there! Hecklers! People wearing "Twilight Sucks" t-shirts. And "Vampires don't sparkle" shirts. Signs saying that Stephenie Meyers can't write. It was veddy interesting!

Have you read the Sookie Stackhouse series??

The Stiletto Mom

You make me weep inside. I loved Twilight. It's okay though, I still love you too.


God, I totally agree with you! I enjoyed the books, fun read but not well-written. I wanted to see the movie but never made it, saw it for the first time Saturday night. It was ok. Fun to watch, but not truly awesome. I'll watch the other ones, but I'm not wowed.

Those other vamps...from Buffy and Angel...they are HOT. Totally, the best vamps ever.

Melanie D

I enjoyed the books, but like all movies that follow books, such a disappointment. When they describe someone in a book as absolutely beautiful unlike anyone, then you watch the movie....you have high expectations...... oh well I still thought the books were good!


I liked the whole Twilight series. Yes, it was juvenile, but so am I. I kept wishing that Edward lived here and he would bite me!

I went to go see the movie with my girlfriends and I was very entertained (and more than a little intoxicated). I did not like it enough to buy the movie.

And I am very frightened for the release of New Moon, but I will go to see it with my girls again (intoxicated, of course!)

Twenty Four At Heart

Well, you did better than I did. I read the first book, thought the writing was terrible & the story line weak. And that was that. Never read more, had no interest in seeing the movie ...


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