Thursday, March 12, 2009

Birthday Party

So, LOML's birthday party was on Saturday. It was held at my uncle's house. Like last year.

This year, it was game themed. We had all sorts of games to play. Checkers, Connect Four, Twister, Clue, cards, Trouble, etc...

The kids seemed to have a blast. They did actually play most of the games. Their favorites, however, were Twister, PoKeNo and oddly enough, Hide N Go Seek!

I love that they went old skool!

When they all got there, they were running around for a bit and then settled down and played some games. After a while, we all had something to eat (brownies, cupcakes, cheese puffs, chips and dip and punch) and then she opened her presents.

The kid got $124! That's more cash than I EVER carry! LOL! I asked her for a loan but she said no. I tried to convince her that she owed me $50 but she didn't bite.

Oh, well. I tried.

She also got a kite, some homemade cookies, a gift card to Barnes & Noble (one of her FAVORITE stores), a gift card to Sonic, 2 teddy bears, a pair of toe socks, a puzzle, some make-up and HSM3. I gave her one of the teddy bears, the movie Ever After and an I.O.U. for a fancy watch of her choice.

The girl racked up!

After presents, we got to the REAL fun of the party.

The scavenger hunt!

The prize for the first person to get all the clues was a $10 gift card to Wal-Mart. The kids were more excited about that than all the sugar they were allowed to consume!

I actually had to come up with 11 rhyming clues AND I had to make sure that the kids weren't all going to the same clue at the same time. That's more difficult than it sounds, let me tell you.

I handed out the first clue to each kid and they were off.

I also try to make them actually think about their clue. I don't tell them EXACTLY where to go. They have to actually figure it out for themselves.

Let me tell you, the girls were all over the clues. They had them figured out like it was nothing. The boys, however, needed LOTS of help!

In the end, one of LOML's good friends was the winner. I was so impressed because she didn't need ANY help from any adults on the clues. She did it entirely all by herself.

Here's a few pics from the party.

Posing for the camera.

The kids playing games.

LOML and a boy from her class (that turned BRIGHT RED when she opened his present which was one of the teddy bears! It was soooooo funny). She told me later that he likes her.....

.....which this boy doesn't like too much. This is LOML's "boyfriend" of almost 2 years. Yep, 2 years. He laid claim on her the first day she walked in their second grade classroom and hasn't let go of her since. He is the sweetest little boy EVER. He gives her sweet presents and actually TALKS to her when he sees her.

Here's two of the kids playing Twister.

More Twister pics.

Here's a pic of the kids getting a clue during the scavenger hunt.

They were also into climbing all the trees all over the property.

All in all, a good time was had by all.

I can't wait til next year!


Mama Dawg

30 really cool people who give a rat's patootie:


Wow. She really did rack up! Sonic gift cards. Barnes and Noble. Cash. And a party. You need to invite these people to your birthday party :-)


I love home parties like this. I don't necessarily love throwing them, but I do think they are the best.

Single Parent Dad

Fantastic party and a quality haul by your daughter.

And I'm sure the boys' uselessness at the clues was to lull you into a false sense of security.


Wow you Rock at throwing parties!!! My kids have summer birthdays so they always miss out on the partys.


THIS is how a birthday party is put together, NOT with a thousand dollars worth of 'theme'. The only thing missing at this party (besides moi, of course) was an old fashioned milk bottle and some clothespins to drop in from nose height!

Jaden Paige

Looks like the kiddos had a blast! I'm so glad LOYL raked it in and had fun with her friends... props to you, MD! :)

Pseudonymous High School Teacher

Looks like a fantastic party.

I wonder if I could do a mere round of twister these days....

And I have something for you on my blog.


Can you throw my next birthday party? All I request is a Rainbow Brite themed cake.


We have done several old school type parties here at the house. And you are right. The kids love Twister. How easy is that??

Happy B-day to LOML!




Ha, talk about a role reversal. You'll be asking her for sweetie money...


I can only assume that because I was on vaca that is why my invitation didn't come...

And you know what we could have done with that Twister game after the kids had gone to bed?!?!? OHHH YEEAAHHH!


sounds like your lttle girl had
a great birthday party. Scavenger
hunt, a super idea. We used to do
that with the grandkids up here
at Easter. Other idea was a
Buried Treasure Hunt.
One time they come out and we
go into the wood and bury a quarter. They have to keep notes about how many steps from start,
they make signposts with rocks and
lot of other ideas to help them
find there way back. Becomes more
interesting when they have to wait
for a few weeks to go back, read there notes and find that quarter.
Anyways, looks like you know how to throw a great party.
ummm..since you're my adopted daughter is girl my adoped granddaughter?

Swirl Girl

It's awesome that LOYL and her friends are just as happy with simple old fashioned games ...

Middle Aged Woman

Beautiful, dress, awesome party, and what a haul!


You give cold hard cash as prty favors! You're the bestest mom ever!

Momo Fali

Look at that party dress! And, those shoes! No wonder all the boys like her.

What's up with all that cash?! I never got that much money! I want you to throw my birthday party this year.


Wow it looks like they had a good time! $124!! that's more than I have in my bank account! hmmm.....when does my daughter turn 3....

sassy stephanie

What a great idea. My girls would LOVE a game party. LOML looks so cute in her new sassy cut!

Tell her to come over and read my post today!


You have something waiting for you over at my place. :)


awww what a great time!! looks like they had so much fun.

by the way, I'm digging LOML's cute dress!!


That looks like so much fun! You are a great mom! I posted awhile back about how my mom did themes and how it was such a great memory for me.


Looks like fun!! And OMG - she DID rake it in!! Have fun with all that dough!

Jennifer and Sandi

Wow looked like an awesome day!
Love Love Love her dress!!!

You are a rock'n mom!

Have a super weekend!

- Jennifer

Snooty Primadona

I almost miss the birthday years when the kids were young. Almost.

Sounds like a great party!

Father Muskrat

I hope that shindig got out of hand shortly after the camera went away.


Great party! You know the boy was playing twister 'cause she was wearing a skirt right? Stinker.

Have a great week!

True Blue Texan

Sounds like that was a great party!

I'm sharing an award with you but I seem to be incapable of linking the image in a comment so you'll have to check out my blog.

I'd really like to know how to do that. Maybe someday.


New visitor - found you through Tatooed Minivan Mom... Lot's to catch up on, but for now, you got me with TWISTER! What memories!


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