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I had a %()&*^(&*%%$&)*) morning.

I woke up LATE to the sound of Mike barfing. He was on the edge of my bed. Sooooo grateful he has a good aim and completely missed the bed. Soooooo not grateful it splattered everywhere.

Then, my mom informs me that J.D. pissed all over the bathroom floor. Right by the toilet. 8 inches from the litter box.

THEN, my mom further informs me that someone (either J.D. or Mike but most likely J.D.) POOPED in the dining room.

THEN, she pointed out more barf that Mike apparently had leftover and decided to let loose in the living room.

4 rooms, 3 bodily functions.

It's days like this that make me want to pack up a suitcase and get the hell out of dodge.

However, despite the J.D.'s apparent lack of use of the litter box, how can you be mad at this:

You can't. So, I just suck it up, clean it up and move on.

In more animal news, Max has this cleanliness fetish. He HAS to get every bit of trash that's thrown out of moving vehicles that land in our yard or the neighbors yard or the other neighbors yard or, well, any trash at all in a mile radius.

Even if it's buried.

So, it's nothing to walk outside in the morning to find bits of lime green Styrofoam or broken glass jars with dirt on them or torn to shred soda cans in the yard.

However, this morning?

He stumped me.

Yeah, that's a sweet potato. And not a rotten one. And not one covered in dirt.

Where the hell did he get a sweet potato?

This, people, is REAL LIFE.

And some days, it's just too much.

I just have to keep telling myself, "One month, one week and two days."


Mama Dawg

24 really cool people who give a rat's patootie:


a sweet potato?? what the...


This is why we have fish!
The sweet potato cracks me up!


That's great! Seeing your dog with a sweet potato. Maybe he'll have a can of nuts and a beer tomorrow!


He must be on a health food kick.


Oh man! I've done the pet pee/poop/barf thing and it is NOT fun. Especially when you unknowingly step in it in bare feet. Ick.

Lisa Brandos

I've got enough little things that wake me up barfing to get a cat too. But it is cute that he sleeps in the dollbed. I wouldn't be able to be mad at that either.

I completely copy and paste ChurchPunkMom's comment of the sweet potato. Hmmmmmmmm....

Gaston Studio

Yep, been there, am DOING that with my 15 year old cat who sometimes confuses(?) my puppy's bed for his litter box. Yuk!


heheheheheh. dogs are hilarious. and he's so proud too. like he's sitting at the table waiting for the turkey.

also? i only have ONE cat and i deal with this daily. the other night? my husbands lifting weights, laying on the floor- when he set his dumbells down? yeah. right into cat hairballness. snort. i know, it's not funny, but it SO IS.

25 days for me before i'm in ft. lauderdale :)

Jaden Paige

hehehe... JD looks so cute in that little bed. What a sweetie. Even if he did poop.

Soldier without a War

awwww.... that is the cutest bed that JD sleeps in!!! So cute!! :) and a Sweet potato??? wtf? he found the good stuff.... :)


I thought they were clever beasts. Could you train them to clean up their own mess?!

Petra a.k.a The Wise (*Young*) Mommy

you poor thing. The bodily function trifecta is no fun at all.

Bobby G

Thast the bad trifecta the good for me is beer, Harley, sex!

Mommy Mo

Where there is will, there is way. Apparently, Max likes sweet potatoes. So do I.

Max is a cutie!


Aw. Poor kitty. I guess he just doesn't feel very well. And too funny about the sweet potato!! Once my dog ran away and came back with an entire bologna. Not like a package of sliced bologna. I mean, the whole huge chunk of bologna, complete with the casing around it and everything. He ate the whole dang thing. Then pooped out the wrapper. Unbelievable.


...Then Hello MICKEY!!! Oh, I am saving shoe boxes and finding soap for you! My dog like DIRTY diapers!! Ewww...YUCK!

Captain Dumbass

Max was celebrating Earth Day.


The sweet potato is priceless. Mighty clever doggie.

And the kitty bed is just the right size. Smart kitty.

Irish Gumbo

Perhaps Max is really a vegetarian.

Are you sure that wasn't a yam? He am what he yam...


That's even better than three cherries, right? Jackpot!

I love the look on his face with the sweet potato. I bet the rest of the stuff is just an act to impress the bitches, and in private he's really quite a healthy, sensible eater.


I tell ya what, we can switch for a can come to my house where there are 3 dogs, 3 cats and a parrot that can aim and shoot his shit wherever he likes.

Oh and the 3 dogs and 2 of the cats sleep in the bed with you. hehe, we have to love our furry critters, even when they drive us crazy, don't we!!


We had a neighborhood dog do things like that. One night he was seen walking down the street with an entire loaf of Wonder Bread in his mouth. He was in puppy heaven that night!


That JD is so adorable! (except for the p and p!)

sassy stephanie

Just when you think you've got potty training under control with a toddler, BAM. The animals take over.

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