Thursday, April 9, 2009

Reasons Why I'm A Good Mother

Per my daughter:

1. I play football with her when I get home from work.

2. I do cheers with her in the kitchen.

3. I let her make cookies with me.

4. I let her sleep over at her friends house on school nights every once in a while.

5. I take her fishing.

Per me:

1. I taught her how to play pool at age 7.

2. I taught her how to play 21. Texas Hold 'Em is what we're working on now.

3. I taught her how to properly throw back a shot (of juice for her y'all).

4. I inadvertently make pornographic pastries for parties:

(cupcake from her Alice in Wonderland themed party)

(Easter Bunny cookies with their "O" faces)

5. I not only let her do stuff like this:

I encourage it.


Mama Dawg

19 really cool people who give a rat's patootie:


Sounds like you do a great job. Although, pornographic pasties? Hmm


Ummm, YEAH! And now I want to play. Especially after doing shots of "juice" and playing a few rounds of blackjack. Ohhh MY GAH! I see such good times for us!

Jaden Paige

hehehe. You are a fun Mom :)

Jennifer and Sandi

LOVE the cupcakes ! Amen!
Everytime I see a video of her and ALWAYS has a huge smile on her face!

What happened to your pet squirrel???

Happy Friday Eve!
- Jennifer


You're a great mom because of all that and more!


Have a fantastic Easter with LOML! Hugs to you!


You're an awesome mom! Those cookies look delicious and big rocks in water - the best!


Gosh you make me laugh. You are a fun mom.

Middle Aged Woman

Big rocks in the water? Science lesson! My kids made a poster for Father's Day once, and number 10 on the list of the Top Ten Reasons he was the best dad? "You buy us certain things." Direct quote.


Dude! You are braver than me! I would be too scared she would fall in the water. Shows I have not lived much huh?

Swirl Girl

what was that ?
a rock or a turtle?

Captain Dumbass

My mom never made pornographic cookies or taught me how to do shots. Sigh.


My girls like the fact that I taught them to moon their father.


My husband has taught our son to smack his biceps and say to perfect strangers, "Welcome to the gun show!" Nice, huh.

Ivy Samone

I laughed so hard on this I almost peed my pants! I hope I'm half the mom you are. =)

Bobby G

Cake looks delicious!

Irish Gumbo

My mom didn't make pornographic pastries...


She's going to be REAL upset when I tell her I'm getting a new mom :)

Howdo, Mama Dawg!


You are the coolest! I love the video. You crack me up.


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