Monday, September 22, 2008

Who Would You Do?

Ok, all you Monday Morning Marauders....what? That doesn't make sense? Yeah, I know. It's Monday, forgive me.'s your Monday morning "Who Would You Do" (book by Susan Segrest).

This one's for the men (and some of you ladies!!!).

Gillian Anderson still believes that the truth is out there and is convinced that she will find it in your pants. Julianne Moore just wants to get into your pants and doesn’t need some lame excuse to do it. Who would you do?

*Editor's Note---You HAVE to pick one of the choices. Even if you're a guy and the only choices are guys...same for girls...believe me, there are lots where it's only girls to choose from.


29 really cool people who give a rat's patootie:


IF I swung that way, which I don't, I'd totally do Julianne Moore.

I think.

Damn you for putting these images in my head!


Gillian Andersen - she seems nastier - or wait, maybe that's cuz I think of David Duchovney when I see her.

Mama Dawg

All I can say is I've seen "Short Cuts" and Julianne Moore's top definately matches her bottom.

Having said that, I still don't know. I think both would be wild in bed.

I'll have to go with Julianne. Or Gillian.'s just a stupid question about something I'll never do. It shouldn't be this hard!!!!



There, I've decided.

Blessings From Above

Julianne Moore for sure!!!

She. Is. Gorgeous.


Julianne. No question.

Middle Aged Woman

Julianne, but only if she promises to talk like Maude Lebowski.

Captain Dumbass

Dammit Mama Dawg! Your cruelty is boundless. Gah! Julianne Moore is so... Julianne Moore. But Agent Scully...

As much as I love a woman who packs heat and isn't afraid to use it, I'm going to go with Moore.

I hate you.

No I don't, but these choices!!!

Mama Dawg

CD-dude, I was just all over your blog commentin' away.

Captain Dumbass

I noticed. Now I'll go back to day dreaming about two red heads...

Mama Dawg

You're welcome.

Swirl Girl

Julianne in Boogie Nights...sad and addicted. Too much snot to clear away.

Agent Scully? is that a pistol in her pocket or is she just happy to see us?

Trooper Thorn

Despite my hatred of X-Files, I'd do Gillian Anderson over Julian Moore any day. Hell, I'd do Hans Christian Anderson over Julian Moore. She wrecks the movie "9 Months" because it too unbelievable someone would have had sex with her to get her pregnant. Hugh Grant would not slum with her after being with Elizabeth Hurley. He had more chemistry with Tom Arnold than Julian Moore.

She's as attractive as a librarian with rickets, smoking behind the dumpster at the DMV.
She's as attractive as a librarian with ricktettes, smoking behind the dumpster at the DMV.

Mama Dawg we hate her much, Trooper?


what about both? haha!

Mama Dawg

There you go. Katie nailed it (or them!).

Jennifer and Sandi

Gillian Anderson for sure!

GREAT NEWS about your "News Story"!!!


- Jennifer

sassy stephanie

Hmm. Julienne Moore I guess. I like it mucho betta when there are GUYS to choose!

Love the pic over there ----> of LOML!! Cute!

Complaint Department Manager

Thanks for Mama Dawg's confirmation of the drapes matching the curtains, Julliane Moore.

Mama Dawg, I think it's time to check your SHBG levels. You deviant perv.


Gillian. There's something about Julianne's teeth. I can't explain it.


hmmm, Gillian is one degree of separation away from David Duchovny, who still does it for me despite his recent shortcomings. But Julianne Moore is the sexier of those two, for me. If I HAD to pick. But I'd still take David first. : )


Oh Mama Dawg! I love you. I'm going with Moore. Have you SEEN The Big Lebowski? She just does it for me. I think Scully would just point out all my flaws. Where's her precious science now?


What a great game! I think I'd do Julianne Moore if I have to pick.

Came via MAW at Unmitigated - you're fun!

Captain Dumbass

Whoa whoa whoa! Katie chose both. I thought you could only take one? Cause if you can have both!!! Although really, both of them? At the same time? That is a lot of performance anxiety.


Menage a trois.

I totally said that. I love red hair. But Heather's right about Julianne's teeth--they're too small or something. Still. She's beautiful.


OMG...this is SOOOO easy...

Julianne Moore!!!

Breathtakingly B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L!!!!

And S-M-A-R-T!


I guess I'd go w/ Julianne Moore if I were so inclined!


P.S. Love your blog! Adding you to my blogroll now...


At last, something I can work with again! Sassy Stephanie, now you know how I feel most times MD posts these.

This is no contest-- Gillian Anderson. Julianne Moore has always annoyed the sh*t out of me, even with her propensity to get as naked as she can, whenever she can, onscreen if not in real life.

Don't get me wrong, I'd still take her over David Duchovny, but that's not saying much.


I just made the comment this weekend that if I were to become a lesbian I would like girls with a little meat on their bones. Therefore, I'd have to choose Gillian.

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