Friday, September 26, 2008

Friday Foto Finish Fiesta

My homes.

As we were driving to go to New Orleans for a visit with friends, we swung through my old hometown and walked down memory lane.

This is the house I lived in when my mom and dad brought me home from the hospital. I, of course, don't remember it. We moved from here when I was two.

This is the house I lived in from two til eleven. I LOVED this house. I LOVED this neighborhood. I have so many good memories here. I had a wonderful childhood. Not too long after we moved, the city I grew up in started to deteriorate and I was so disappointed to hear about this. However, for some reason, this neighborhood is still hanging in there and doing good. The house looks a little different (when we lived there, there was no pink painted on it, just slate blue). Also, the mailbox was located on the other side of the street. That tree that I planted 22 years ago? Yeah, it was a free one that they gave us at school for Arbor Day. It's MASSIVE now. I wish they still did things like that.

This is our house in Florida. Please excuse the obvious camera in the picture. I was taking a picture of a picture through glass. Anyway, even though it was my teenage years, I still have good memories of this house as well. It's such a typical Florida house. Last time we were in Florida, we drove by it and it's now painted yellow. How that got by the Homeowners Association, I'll never know.

This is our house in New Orleans. Again, excuse the camera in the picture. That's my mom walking back to the house. We were decorating for Mardi Gras and had walked across the street to check on the decorations from the street. This is where Light of my Life came after she was born. She still misses the house and to a degree, so do I. But, I still love where we live now, much better. This was the one that was damaged in Katrina.

This is our current house. Of course, the dumpster is no longer there. That was there to clean out the house before I moved in. The previous tenant left it in a COMPLETE and UTTER MESS. Destroyed furniture and the floors. Thank goodness for elbow grease and a landlord that knows how to fix crap.

The porch needs to be jacked up on the right and it needs to be repainted and the shutters re-done, but that's on the landlords "to-do" list. What you don't see is the tons and tons and tons of land surrounding this house. To date, this is my favorite place to live. Funny, it's the smallest and the one that gives me the most problems, but, there's just something about it. It's......home.

If you wanna join in, please head on over to Candid Carrie's for more photo phun.


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Fun photo tour/story. I love hearing where people have lived and seeing pictures.

Having lots of land makes a huge difference, and makes almost anything bearable. I'm glad you are happy where you are now.


What a great idea!! I love the picture where you point out the tree that you planted. Really cool!!


Thanks for the tour. I have special nostalgia for the home that I grew up in when I was small. But when I see it now, everything just seems so much smaller than I remember. I love the green house in New Orleans. There's nothing like that here.


THIS was really fun.

Glenda, saved by grace

Love it! Home is where you hang your heart!


I love the trees in the first two pics. I wish we had a little land for my babies to play on.

Tabitha Blue

Aww, so much fun going down memory lane! I'll have to try that now too. Hmm, I don't think some of the houses I've lived are still there!

Glad you're loving your home! That's how I am now too, our house is old and we're in constant remodel mode it seems... for 4 years! But, it's home and I love it! :)


What fun!! TFS your walk down house memory lane.


What a fun photo walk down your memory lane.. Wow, thats a lot of houses..


the house in New Orleans I SO LOVE.

Candid Carrie

I am glad you pointed out your reflection because I was going to hand these photographs over to the Specialists at the Paranormal Institute.

Mama Dawg



Aw...good times. This was enjoyable!


Thanks for coming by my blog!

Great pics! It makes me think about doing a similar trip. Maybe take the fam around to each house I used to live in! Road trip!!


Wow what a trip!

22yrs ago i was only 2yrs old. :)

happy fx4!


I love the green house!


Nice walk down memory lane...


I love, love love, walking down memory lane with someone. This was great.


I've lived in 12 houses, and it would be quite a challenge for me to find pictures for even HALF of them!

I loved seeing these and the green house is my fave, for sure.

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