Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My Head's Spinning

I just gotta respond to some comments in a separate post.

First, Trooper Thorn has all but declared his undying love for me and he would have moved down here except for those damn centipedes.

Troop, I take it back...it was a fake. It's made of rubber.

There, now pack up your stuff and move your cutie booty down here to the dirty south so we can live in sin.

Second, Captain Dumbass (who is not a serious contender for my affections since he's married but a girl can dream...back off Jenboglass) is actually going to get his kids DOWN FOR A NAP so he can read my little ol' blog. Be still my beating heart.

Third...and I'm sorry guys, but this one beats out both of yours COMBINED...Momo Fali not only knows and is close personal friends with Chris Daugherty the winner of Survivor Vanuatu but...and this is the big one....wait for it, wait for it...

She suggested that we do the AMAZING RACE together!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can you feel my excitement? No? Was there not enough exclamation marks?

Of course, now that I posted this, she's gonna take it back.

All kidding aside, this is something that I'd love to do one day. My mom and I have discussed signing up but I don't know how serious she is about the whole thing.

So far, Rhea and Trooper have been the only ones to offer up their sons for my daughter. Anyone else?


14 really cool people who give a rat's patootie:

Momo Fali

I take nothing back and I completely forget to offer my son! He's cute as a bug, but he's brutally honest and sometimes tells people they look like fish or tells old people they're going to die soon. Fair warning.

Mama Dawg

Yeah, but I'd never get bored with him as a son in law.

Swirl Girl

Your daughter sure is a cutie!

and Trooper Thorn is too old for her!

oh, are you talking about him for yourself??

never mind.

Captain Dumbass

How old is LOML? Connor is 5. She's got the same almond shaped eyes as he does, their kids would be GORGEOUS!

Ok. I was going to go on here but my eyes were drawn to "squirrel farts sound like raindrops." I have to go walk that one off.

Mama Dawg

She's 8. She's currently spoken for, but I can "arrange" to have that broken up for any serious contenders.

I love that quote from her. It's hysterical. I wanted to change my blog name to "Squirrel Farts Sound Like Raindrops" but I figured it was too long.

Mama Dawg

Oh, and I have NO clue where she got the shape of her eyes from. I'm guessing someone on her dad's side of the family but since I only met two of them, I can't say for sure. I think they're beautiful.

sassy stephanie

Hell, take mine. I may even pay YOU to take him off my hands. Of course, she has to be comfy with being the older woman, given that he is three.


If you get on the Amazing Race I will start watching that show. JUST FOR YOU.


I'll surely offer my son to your daughter, but since he's only 4, you may have to wait awhile.

If he's like me, he'll have no problem being sold off to a southern belle.


Amazing Race - YES, go for it! I'd watch, for sure!


I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE The Amazing Race. I'm so gonna be on that show. Maybe we could do it as blog friends who've never met?!! That's quite a twist. lol


That would be really cool to do Amazing Race as blogger friends. Sure beats the bickering couples that they usually recruit.

Trooper Thorn

Please don't go on the The Amazing Race. Due to diminished viewership, I hear they are going to combine that show with Fox's "When Animals Attack".

I can't risk losing you Mama D.

Mama Dawg

Awwww.....with words like that, I may have to consider moving up to CANADA!

If and only if, you can get rid of snow. Then, I'll move up on there as quick as you can give me the verbal that it's done.

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