Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Here's the Answer

I'm the one on the left. Can't you tell by the sassy cock of my hip (hee, hee, I said cock) that that's ME?

A couple of years ago, I was playing around on the net and googling people that I went to school with and discovered that the girl in the this person.

I should have guessed. She was always thoughtful and artistic in school. I just never knew she had that kind of passion in her life.

I feel so inadequate compared to the things she's done with her life (not really, but she does seem to be operating on a higher plane than I). I mean, she's been interviewed by NPR, for eff's sake!

But, I admire her.

I lost track of the other girl. Her name is Heather and she moved to Georgia when we were freshmen.

Here's another gratuitous shot of me from the 8th grade. Yeah, I know...shut up!

Congrats to Vicky (although she doesn't count since she knows me), Jennifer, Rhea and Stephanie for guessing correctly. Too bad I have nothing to give you except for props for getting it right!


13 really cool people who give a rat's patootie:


I swear I had that same dress and braces.

Mama Dawg

LOL! Too funny!

Captain Dumbass

I had the braces but not the dress, not that I wouldn't have looked fantastic in it.

PS. Nice legs. ; )

sassy stephanie

I think you should post a then and now.


I'm so relieved I got it right! I don't know why, but it felt really important to me to guess right on this. Whew. A big sigh of relief.

You're adorable. I love the eighth grade photo, braces and all! Look at that long, gorgeous hair. You cutie.

Trooper Thorn

You remind me of one of the girls from "Square Pegs" which I think was around that time.

Wait a second, both those women are now highly desired Hollywood actresses of considerable sex appeal. Mama Dawg, get your ass out to LA and grab yourself some fame!


What? No prize? That's IT! I'm not reading your blog anymore!!!

lol j/k... as if I could stay away!!


I totally had this same haircut. No foolin'.

Complaint Department Manager

Trooper beat me to the square pegs shot, gag me.

I have to say, Sarah is mucho hot, DAY-UM! Sorry, had to say it.


Great photos from yesteryear. I too wore braces but I was 16 and had them on my first semester of college.

Mama Dawg

jen-I think everyone had that dress. I think we got it at Burdine's but I'm not sure.

Cap't Dumbass-I'm sure you would have looked SEXY as all get out in that dress. Thanks for the nice legs compliment!

Sassy-I just might do that.

Rhea-Now you breath a sigh of relief. Thanks!'re makin' me blush. (keep it comin'). I plan on riding your gravy train to LA with your screenplay. I have a better shot as your agent than as an actress or a pin-up.

Vicky-My dear, you'll never quit reading me. You know that! LOL! Love ya!

Lula-Seriously? How cool!

CDM-Yeah, Sarah was/is pretty but she was that quiet unassuming beauty. Not a lot of boys "got" her. She was too serious and too artistic for many of the boys. It's a shame, too.

Mekhismom-Thanks! I hated my braces, but what can you do?


Can you go back and change my answer yesterday? And can you tell me you and Sarah are sisters, so I can feel a little better about being wrong?

I'm sorry if I seem needy, but this is a very unfamiliar and frightening feeling. How do all the people who argue with me handle it???

Mama Dawg

Nope. Can't change.

And no, Sarah and I aren't sisters.

But, if you want to believe that in your head, go for it. I won't correct you again!

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