Monday, August 25, 2008

Who Would You Do?

Y'all are just waiting with bated breath, aren't you?

I knew it.

Anyway, here you go. Your Monday Morning "Who Would You Do" (book by Susan Segrest).

This one has better choices. The men will like this one.

"You are flying first class and the flight attendants-Christina Aguilera, Kim Cattrall, Jennifer Love Hewitt and Elizabeth Hurley-are first class babes, too. Which of these lovely ladies would you lure into joining the mile-high club?"

*Editor's Note---You HAVE to pick one of the choices. Even if you're a guy and the only choices are guys...same for girls...believe me, there are lots where it's only girls to choose from.


18 really cool people who give a rat's patootie:

Mama Dawg

I'll start off.

I'd take Christina...can you imagine the acoustics in a tiny airplane bathroom? Instead of getting down with her, I'd ask her to sing.

I can't stand Jennifer Love whatever. My ex-husband had the BIGGEST crush on her so she's forever on my hate list.

Elizabeth is just...well...not my type and Kim Cattrall seems...dirty...and not in the good me.

Middle Aged Woman

I'm with you on Christina. Not literally. I mean, girl has some serious pipes.

sassy stephanie

Hmm...guess my pick is Christina as well. We could swap outfits when it was all said and done. Girl's got sytle.


I love Jennifer Love Hewitt (sorry about your exhubby's crush). I'd make out with her, if I HAD to. Gross though. Not my thing.

BUT, this was much easier to choose than the darn Danny Devito/Howard Stern decision. That will forever give me nightmares.

Trooper Thorn

Thank you Mama D for a quiz I could really get behind.
Back when I was studying to take the LSAT (another of my derailed professional aspirations), much time was spent on choosing the "best" answer from four correct choices.

Through a process of elimination, here's how I arrive at a pick:
- Kim Cattral: Canadian, already done that, so NO.
- Elizabeth Hurley: Stunning and seemingly sophisticated; I would be too intimidated in the sack. I think I'd be giving her my A game top to bottom only to have her gaze down on me with contempt and say, 'let me know when you plan to start'. So NO.
- Christina A: No question she's sexy, but I don't think I could get the "Dirty" video out of my head. I don’t think she could take enough industrial showers to ever clean up enough to touch. She's probably still sticky. NO.

Therefore the lucky lady is Jennifer Love. Who get's to tell her?


OK, don't hate me, but I'd go with Jennifer Love Hewitt, too. But only 'cause she has the best boobs of the bunch. Just sayin'.

Insane Mama

Jennifer Love Hewitt for me! She has great boobs and I'm sure she can wail out loud too!


Oh god, no question-- Elizabeth Hurley. Suffice to say, I am not a fan of any of the other three.

She'd win out over many other lists of options, and for many more years to come.

As a side note, high-five to Trooper Thorn for his amusing double entendre.


I've got to go with JLH too.'s the boobs.

Captain Dumbass

Elizabeth Hurley. I'm a sucker for accents.

The Nice One

No Question. Hands down...Kim. She'd really know how to rock this party.


Elizabeth Hurley! She's gorgeous, has that sexy voice, and I know she could teach me a few things!

Oh my, it's getting a little hot in here....

Mama Dawg

You guys make me laugh at your choices and the reasons behind them.

Complaint Department Manager

I'll take, "Let's put the Love in Hewitt" for 1000, please.


This is a tough one. I think I'd go with Either Liz or J Love. I am not exactly sure why.


Elizabeth Hurley had me dazzled in Austin Powers


While I love Jennifer Love Hewitt and admit that she has great boobs, I think of her as a friend so that would be too weird. Elizabeth Hurley is gorgeous, but too skinny for me. Kim Cattrall is ok, but I just can't get past her Samantha character. I guess by process of elimation, I'd go with Christina.

Swirl Girl

I'd have to go with Chrisitna -

She looks like she'd know what she was doing. And, she'd be compact enough to handle the airplane rest room.

Love Kim Catrall, but I can't get the Mannequin thing out of my head (remember that baaad movie?) Although she did get to practice with the voluptuous Sonja Braga in Sex in the City...

can I do both?

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