Thursday, August 21, 2008

Mea Culpa

My friend Tracey wrote about her love of the Olympics. Many, many other bloggers that I read (*cough, cough, Trooper Thorn, cough, cough*) on a daily basis have also written about their love for the Olympics.

I hate the Olympics.

Or, I should say, I hated the Olympics.

During various times over the years when I would have to stay with my paternal grandmother, if the Olympics were on, she would FORCE me to watch them with her. I grew to hate ice skating and track and well, just all of it.

When I say hate, I really should have written it HATE!#%$&*$!

I would get nauseous whenever it was that time.

Since I’ve stopped spending time with her (due mostly to the fact that she’s deceased and that I haven't spoken to my father's side of the family since I was 19), I stopped watching the Olympics and screamed at the gods when they would come on because they would interrupt my regularly scheduled programming and we could just.not.have.that.

So, I missed out on all the Olympic goodies that have happened over the last 20 years or so. I actually went to Atlanta the year the Olympics were being held there. I got a little stuffed Olympic mascot. My dad and stepmother bought it for me. I really didn’t want it but hey, free stuff.

I swore up and down that I wasn’t going to watch it this year.

And I was good. I didn’t catch the opening ceremonies. I didn’t watch the first couple of days.

My mom has it on 24/7 because she’s retired and cool bored. She likes watching them (although I’ve never known her to watch them before) and keeps up with it pretty much.

But, I got sucked in to the whole “Phelpsing” aspect of it. (Thanks to Trooper Thorn for coining that phrase…pass it on people, pass it on).

I had to see what the fuss was all about. While waiting for him to swim again, they would show the ladies volleyball.

Wow….that was freakin’ awesome! Those ladies rock! They took home the GOLD last night. I sooooo want to be Misty May (I know she has another last name, I just like saying Misty May). If I could pick someone to switch teams for, it would be a toss up between her and Angelina Jolie.

And then....they showed the “phelpsing” portion of the Olympics.

I was hooked.

Like a grouper or a shark or an old shoe.

Totally hooked.

I got so jazzed waiting with bated breath to see if he could indeed pull it off.

And he did.

And I yelled so loud, I scared the cat off the couch.

Now, I’m in withdrawals.

I need my Phelps and Torres and Misty May and Nastia.

I can’t get into track that much. I ran it in high school, but really, except for the sprints, it’s pretty boring. (and that Usain Bolt is driving me batty)

Anyway, I freely admit that I was wro…..wait, before I say that, technically, I’m not wrong.

I just changed my mind.


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phelpsing? thats hilarious! Yea... I'm pretty hooked on it too! I love gymnastics, beach volleyball, and swimming. But that's pretty much it.

Bored in school.... please save


Mama Dawg

Poor kid. Hey, have you tried twitter? You can do it from your phone or the 'net.

I miss you, kid! Is your mama coming up to visit soon?

sassy stephanie


You do have it bad. *cough cough get a room *cough cough

Middle Aged Woman

MamaDawg - I am generally an Olympics freak. Apparently you have stolen my mojo, because I have hardly watched a single moment of these Olympics.

Mama Dawg

Sassy-sigh...I know. At least it's not like high school and he doesn't acknowledge me. We actually have a good relationship. I truly think he's awesome (not in that way...although he is pretty cute).

MAW-sorry! Do you want it back? How would you like it back...Intravenously, spit swapping, Freak Friday-esque? Let me know.

Mom Taxi Julie

Hubby was driving me nuts with the Olympics getting all into it. I'm like WHY do you care lol.


I was like that too. I have memories of having to watch the Olympics because there was nothing else on..

Jennifer and Sandi

RIGHT ON!!! Your Hooked!!! and I'm with you on the Beach Volleyball But now's done.. Crap!Crap again! What are WE SUPPOSE TO DO NOW??? Grey's Anatomy doesn't start up for weeks yet!

Happy Thursday!
- Jennifer


I'm just impressed by the amount of food he consumes each day.

But I still ain't watching...haven't seen a single second. Go Team USA, all the way! There's my support.

Lemme know when you finish BD...


I'm so glad you changed your mind! I think that when we're FORCED to do things we end up disliking things irrationally. My grandmother forced religion on me, and it's taken me a while to not have hostility towards it. lol


I hate the olympics.

It's all my wife is watching right now.

Weather Moose


My husband likes to watch the Olympics too and I usually don't, but I sure did get hooked this year too, starting with Michael Phelps!


I'm right there with you! I never wanted to watch the Olympics now I just can't get enough of them.
My mom is at my new house with me watching the kids for me during the day and I MAKE her watch them with me at night.

When you come over to my house...nobody's exempt.


First you link to my fundraising and then you converted to watching the Olympics??

Gold star, cookie and 2 snaps for you!!

Zen Ventures

you're funny! poor cat! I need a good laugh and you just gave it to me. Thanks! :) anyway, I should tell you that the reason I stumbled on your blog was because you have the same name with another blog title that I know of. I'm glad I clicked.
So what is the story behind your title?

Weith Kick

I have been watching the Olympics and am actually enjoying it. I am surprised because I really wasn't all that interested in watching it until opening day. I just wasn't getting into all the hype. But I am glad I have decided to tune in.

But, I can understand completely if a person decides she doesn't want to watch. After all, there are a lot more important things happening in the world other than the Olympics. Okay, I jump off my high horse now. Or should I say my "pommel horse."

Weith Kick

Oh, and Mama, thanks for the referral to my post!


I have officially attained clinical sleep deprivation after the past few weeks of staying up WAAY too late watching. Glad you decided to enjoy!


Usain Bolt caused me to throw large objects at my television. It couldn't be helped. It's too bad he's such a cocky asshat. He could be truly amazing. Unfortunately he's just a schmuck.

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