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Blog Etiquette

Ok, I gotta talk about this for just a minute.

I’ve been seeing this on several blogs while making the rounds and I still can’t get a good answer.

Like most people, I love comments. However, I like the content of comments more than the numbers. Not to say that I don’t mind the numbers reaching the double digits but I like getting feedback on what I’ve written. Whether is critique, a response or a shared thought, I don’t care.

My main goal in leaving comments is to provide feedback to the author and/or share something with them. It’s not so that they come back to my blog to read me (that’s just a bit of lagniappe).

My beef is WHERE do you respond to comments?

I’ve gotten input where people say to go to that persons blog and post your response on their last post.

I’ve gotten input where people say to respond to all comments in your own post periodically.

Who’s right? I mean, I don’t want to lose readers or potential readers because of improper etiquette.

I tend to go with comment on my own post because I can keep track of who I’ve commented to and what I said. In addition, I know WHAT I’m posting about.

If I start going to others blogs to comment on theirs and I leave a comment on their most recent post, I’m not gonna remember that I responded to them and they might not remember what I’m responding to.

See my dilemma?

If someone comes to my blog to leave a comment about a comment I left on THEIR blog, I sometimes read it and go WTF? Then I have to make the time to go back and read what I wrote to them on their blog. (exception…Trooper Thorn. He’s very good about commenting on your post AND responding to your comment on his post).

Granted, that gets them another hit on their stat counter, but it’s confusing for me.

So, again, who’s right? What is the proper procedure?

Leave me a comment. (sorry, couldn’t resist!)


31 really cool people who give a rat's patootie:

Middle Aged Woman

And lately? I've been getting comment responses in my e-mail. What's up with that? Is that the new thing? I can barely feed myself people!

Momo Fali

I have comments e-mailed to me, and track back through those to leave comments on my readers' blogs. I'm not always caught up, but it's a great way to read a lot of different perspectives. After I leave the comment, I delete the e-mail.


If somebody leaves me a comment, I respond on my own blog. One of my favorite features of my blog software is that I can reply to the specific comment and it will put them in the order that makes sense.

If somebody leaves me a comment and I've never been to their site before, I will visit, but I will comment on something on their site - not respond to comments they left me. It's hard for other people to follow a conversation back and forth between two blogs.

Lynn - the piggy bank painter

Hey, I was just wondering the same thing. I have a couple bloggers who email me their responses to my comments. Then I don't know if I am supposed to email them back, or go to their blog and leave another comment.

Personally, I answer all my comments in my comments. Hmmm, does that make sense? I like to see if there is a thread going and it's the only way I can keep track of anything.

Captain Dumbass

I'm such a whore for comments I don't care how I get them. As for leaving them, what do you do when the person responds to you in an email instead of in the comments? It's nice that way since you forget where you leave them sometimes, but is it kosher to reply back?

I think I confused Middle Aged Woman with a comment yesterday. She sent me a rambling email threatening to come to my house with a lead pipe. Still not sure what she was talking about but I'm glad I have an international border and three quarters of a continent between us.

'That Girl'

I respond to my comments on my site. Usually I'll let 4 or 5 build up and then respond in one comment.

I personally don't like the back and forth thing as much. I get confused.

There's nothing wrong with a "nice post,and thanks for your comment on my blog" though.


This has been asked by so many people and I've never gotten a clear answer. I tend to respond to the question asker's e-mail, if I have access to it. Maybe I need to be responding in the comments, too.

Now I gotta rethink my etiquette. THANKS!

sassy stephanie

I use my email alert that a comment was left on my site as my "poke" to visit a new commenter's blog. Once I stop in at their place, I delete the email.

I don't know really what is right or wrong. I think maybe it is a personal preference.

I do know some answers in your own comment block will go unseen if it is a newbie that does not come back often. For me, though, I look at you ALL THE TIME (I'm a total stalker) so I see when you respond to me on your own comment block.

Ramble, ramble, ramble. I'm sure this helped you tons.


I've been toying around with two different way to deal with comments. I either respond in my own comment section or I respond in email. I'm not sure which is best...


The trick is to respond to them all by sending them to my site. Then I'll send em back over to you. It's a win win.

By the way, you need to leave a little context to the anus quote. Y'know. It is what it is.

Weather Moose

PS - Don't let the anus hit you on the way out!


I try to leave comments on my own comment section (that is, if I am not soo soo busy - like now). But I do like to visit the commenter's blog and leave a comment regarding their own post.

Insane Mama

sometimes I address each commentor in my comment section and sometimes I reply by email. I don't really think there is a right or wrong way to do it.


Whew thanks for going over this subject. I've been completely ignorant when it came to this subject. I always worry that peple arent returning to my site to check for comments returned by me.
Also, I don't know how to receive email alerts about blog comments.

So, here is what I will be doing.. (for any of my potential blog viewers).
I will be replying to comments left on my site ...on my comments and I will be visiting yours to read blogs and comment on yours.
Does that make sense?

The Nice One

Well, I guess that's the good thing about not having such high volume traffic. I can keep up with my comments. Booohooo. I'm not as popular as y'all are.

Ha haha.....

Mama Dawg

Ok, I'm not gonna do individual responsed to you guys because most of you seem to think like me.

It makes more sense for me to respond to your comments here in my own comment box to the post that I'VE written.

I figure, if you're looking for a response to your comment, you'll come back to see if I've left one. That's what I do. If I leave a comment on your post that I feel should elict some sort of response from you, I'll come back later that day or the next to see if you've responded.

I can't say that I'm so on top of things that I always remember to respond, but I try to.

Thanks for all your input!

Weith Kick

Gee, I don't know what the proper procedure is. I think I am going to stop commenting on what people comment on my blog. If someone comments on my blog then I am letting them have the last word and I will not comment on their comment. Make sense? I hope because now I'm even more confused.


Hi Mama Dawg~

Just wanted to stop by and say thank you for adding my blog to your blogroll. That's really nice of you. I just noticed this on my feedjit traffic feed.

Hey listen, the way I personally handle comments, is if someone leaves a comment on my blog, I always respond ON my blog. If I leave a comment on someone elses blog, then I'll return to their blog later, to read their response.

I actually never heard of responding by going to someone elses blog. Like you, I would be...WTF?

Anyway, nice meeting you!


It gets too confusing sometimes with "I commented about your comment on my comment section of .... post." If I feel the need to reply back I either address it within the post I have written or in some cases will e-mail that person directly. I think I have even e-mailed you that way. (plus, its sometimes hard to comment about a comment on a monkey blog)

I think you shouldn't worry about your blog etiquette. Keep on writing and I will keep on reading. If someone is easily offended by you and your etiquette, they obviously haven't been a long time reader.

Oh yeah, and I left a comment on my blog about a comment you left on my blog, about some post last week. (ha ha. but I seriously did)

Great, now I have a headache!


This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.

Thanks for stopping by! Love your blog! And for the record, every few days I do a "questions & comments" section and answer those on my blog that I think other people might want to know the answer to also. I never could figure out how to handle it, but this seems to work for me.


I respond by email if they ask me a question. Maybe I should be responding to everyone in my comments. Hmmmm....


Actually, I like Dawn's idea of highlighting comments and answering questions once a week in a separate post. That seems like an efficient way to handle any comments that need a response.

To be completely honest, and I hope that I'm not sounding mean, I think that most comments don't necessarily need a response. This is jmho, though. When I leave a comment on someone's blog it isn't so that I will get a response from the blogger. I just felt like contributing to the discussion and giving feedback for what they took the time to write. Occasionally, I will comment in my own comments section, but not that often. I do try to get around to people who comment but I could be better about this. I don't even get that many comments, but I still find it hard to keep up.

Drama Mama

I don't have a clue- Sometimes I go to their blog and leave them a comment in response to the comment that they left me??????

Pseudonymous High School Teacher

As a reader... since I have been reading blogs for a couple of years and only just started one. I like to read blogs where the comments ALL are in the comments section. Sometimes I have been more engaged by the dialogue that took place in the comment thread than the post that started it. I think a blogger who can help continue the conversation by monitoring and weighing in while the conversation is ongoing keeps me coming back. I don't see how that can happen if the conversation goes elsewhere (email or another's blog. Just saying.

Swirl Girl

I love reading comments in the comment section - that's where I find some new and interesting blogs to visit. I like to be acknowledged for leaving a comment any way I can get it. And, sometimes the comments are so funny and I check back to see if I was commented on about my comment!

Weird validation...but validation nontheless.

by the way- thanks for stopping in and check me out in a day or so...you're getting the ubiquitous tag.


I like to comment in the comment section. I like to read what everyone else says...and then the bloggers responses.

Katie Says

I just like it when people respond to me! haha! = )

Katie Says

I just like it when people respond to me! haha! = )

Minivan Mom

Do whatever the hell you want. Sometimes I respond in my comment section. Sometimes I will comment on their blog. Often I do nothing, which is probably impolite or a breach of blog etiquette, but eh.


hmmm, this is an interesting one. I appreciate an email response to a question if I ask it, or getting it on my own blog (which emails me). I can't say that I've really ever gone back to a post I've already commented on to see any follow-up comments. *Maybe I should!*

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