Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Indelible Creations

Y'all...this is the most awesome person on the face of the earth (at least for this week).

She's the genius behind my makeover.

Aren't I beautiful?

Nod your heads and say "yes, Mama Dawg, you're beautiful" (especially you Trooper Thorn and Lula!).

Say "yes, Mama Dawg, you're the most brilliant person EVER!".

Quit laughing. I thought I'd give it a try.

If you're looking to get all prettified like me, go on over to Indelible Creations and tell her Mama Dawg said "Hi!".

It won't get you anything, but it'd be cool...cause it't make me look like I have lots of bloggie friends.


15 really cool people who give a rat's patootie:

Middle Aged Woman


Mama Dawg're makin' me blush.

Seriously, go on. I can handle the adoration.


I love it. Lex is awesome, isn't she!

Insane Mama

It looks GREAT!


I love it. I love seeing blog makeovers. I've had mine done twice :-)


It really does look awesome, Emily! Love it!

sassy stephanie

You are pretty, oh so pretty.


I love the new look! Gorgeous!


Well, look at you going on all artsy fartsy on me.

Weather Moose


Wow, wow, WOW!!! What a pretty design. I'm actually looking for new design ideas myself since I won a free makeover from Ruby and Roja.

Living on the Spit

It really is very beautiful!!! I came by the way of Texas Word Tangle...very nice blog.

Trooper Thorn

Great makeover, especially the banner. But Mama D, no woman of quality like yourself ever 'needs' the makeover. When Barbara Streisand had her makeover in "The Mirror has Two Faces", I thought that was a cop-out. Jeff Bridges was supposed to fall for the woman she already was.

Regarding your record post, I also had all the Disney records and would sing along with them over and over. To this day I can sing the Peter Pan soundtrack from beginning to end. “Think of your happiest thought, any merry little thought…”

Surprisingly, I didn't turn out to be gay, but I bet my folks were worried there for a while.


EMILY!!!!!!! I am so loving this. Especially the picture of LOML...truly outstanding.

I will happily oblige...
"Yes, Mama Dawg, you are beautiful."

I'll call Rob (remember? I have his cell!) & send him over here...maybe he'll quote a little Cedric for you, too. I crack myself up.

John Deere Mom

So, so beautiful up in here! Have been MIA this week and am finally getting caught up. Love what you've done with the place!!


Love the new look! I'm in the middle of my redesign. Hope it turns out as pretty as yours!! :)

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