Friday, August 22, 2008

Bad to the Boots

I've been a bad girl.

I just can't seem to help it.

I have certain TEMPTATIONS.

Occasional DESIRES I can't resist.

Come on, admit it.

Sometimes you do it too.

We can't always be good. Nobody's perfect.



I go a little fast sometimes.
Not too fast.

What's too fast?

I haven't gotten a speeding ticket since I was 17.

I've been pulled over before for other things,

but if you bat your eyes,

say sweet things,

& show the officer your...



then you can sometimes leave
with just a warning.

If you had nice boots, you'd show them off too.


I know you would.

It's a good thing he didn't look in the backseat...

or he would have seen my ALIENS!

Or just a mom who thinks her kids ARE ALIENS!!

And, thank goodness, he didn't look inside my purse...

Or he would have found my illegal contraband...

that I was planning on sneaking into the movie

with my boots and my aliens.

When I told my husband, Texas Home Boy, this story,

He said, "You can't take your own candy into a movie!"


Come on, we all have to BEND the rules a little, right?!

Tell me you're bad sometimes.

(I'm guest blogging for Mama Dawg today!

Normally you can find me at Texas Word Tangle!)

18 really cool people who give a rat's patootie:

Middle Aged Woman

ALWAYS bring your own candy to a movie. 99 cents at the store or $3.75 at the show? Hah!


I always feel the need for speed. I am just lucky that I haven't been caught yet. (knocking wood as we speak) And candy at the movies? Absolutely. And my husband is known for his skill in sneaking in beer to our Braves baseball games.

You just get a 2lt bottle of Mountian Dew or Sprite or even Ginger ale. Whatever comes in the green bottles. Funnel in your beer. Being very careful not to leave any head. Then you must glue the lid back onto the bottle. So that it does not look like it has been opened before.

And when you are going into the stadium. It is preferable to find a female security guard to look in your cooler...


I was all, "Why does this post look totally like Rhea's? Where's Mama Dawg?"

And then I read all the way through. Like we're taught in school. Yeesh...

Captain Dumbass

There's just something about a woman in a cowboy hat...

sassy stephanie


I'm bad to the bone. No covering it up either. I my boots.

Glad to see you over here today!

Weith Kick

Hi Rhea! I haven't had a ticket since I was 18 and I've been pulled over many times in the years since. My trick? I play dumb and nice and make the officer think he/she is way smarter than me. Also, the wife and I always sneak candy AND popcorn into the movies!


Headed over from Rhea's. Looking forward to browsing around. I've been known to sneak candy into the movies, too. :)

that girl

Kieth, ME TOO! I always play dumb and innocent..innocently, accidently guilty of speeding.


I'm so glad I'm not the only one who sneaks candy into movies and acts dumb when pulled over by cops. hehe Thanks, guys!


I sneak in a hot cup of tea. Now that takes skill. And I've been known to bat my eyelashes on more than one occasion to get out of a ticket. Once I pulled the "time of the month" trick and he fell for it like a puppy. Sweet!

Insane Mama

I always sneak candy into the theater... Just have to.


I did managed to sneak in a venti-sized chai tea from Starbucks once. It was a challenge but those teenaged ticket helpers don't look that closely.


I was a rebel child, but somehow turned out to really be a rule follower as an adult. I do drive too fast, but not on Sammy Hagar said..I can't drive 55!!! Or 70 for that matter, but I try.

Nichole and Scott

Love your post. Very creative! My husband and I are not strangers to sneaking snacks into a movie. Heck, my hubby had the nerve to go buy a slice of pizza and a coke from the casino next door and then walked it right into the movie. Nothing was said. If I had tried that, they would have told me to finish it before I entered. He gets away with a lot more than I do and he doesn't even own any cute boots like yours. What's the deal?

Casey's trio

I love sneaking contraband into the movies:) And if I'm ever pulled over again, I'll be sure to show the cop my boots!


Gotta sneak the candy in, but not the popcorn!

The Nice One

I love your colorful crazy blogs. Fun to read. And yea, sneaking candy in, T O T A L L Y.


Okay, I was really confused until the very end when it was explained you were guest blogging...I was thinking is this a rip on Rhea...getting prepared for a blog rumble or something (as a spectator of course!!)
I must be more sleep deprived than I thought!!

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