Friday, August 15, 2008

Friday Foto Finish Fiesta

For one of the first FFFF's Carrie held, I posted the pic below.

I thought it was funny that my mother (who loves Disney World, maybe not as much as I do, but nevertheless, still loves it) would do a crossword puzzle in the Happiest Place On Earth.

I had forgotten about the funnyness (funniness, funnieness?) of this picture until I came across it again.

This is my mother doing a crossword puzzle at Disney World while waiting on my daughter and I to get back from riding that horrendous ride of rides...Dumbo.

Then it got even funnier when I saw this other picture.

This is my daughter working on a "Spot the Differences" puzzle in the same puzzle book. She's not pretending to do these either. She LOVES puzzle books. Especially ones that aren't "kiddie" ones.

Then I stumbled on this one of her writing in a journal while I (her slave for the trip) pushed her around in a stroller. Yes, she's 7 and riding in a stroller. You try doing Epcot while having short legs. You'd be begging for a stroller, too!

I think, I'm not sure, but I think that my mother and daughter can claim one another as blood relatives. Ya think?

If you wanna play along, head on over to Candid Carrie's for more Friday Foto Finish Fiesta Fun!


16 really cool people who give a rat's patootie:


Better a crossword book than one of those hand held game thingys, which I saw kids playing with in the World. I wanted to shake them and scream, "DISNEY WORLD! FUN! MAGIC! GOOD TIMES! Put the freakin' game down!"

And then I wanted to slug the parents. But that's just me.


I love the look of concentration on your daughter's face! I agree with Lula, it makes me happier to see a child with a book rather than the video games!


I had to come check out another Milo-lover. I adored him in Gilmore Girls and followed him over to Heroes. I love the puzzle pictures, my mom was probably doing the exact same thing at Disney World when we were there!!!


Awww....that's pretty cute that she likes puzzle books as much as your mom does. You have such a sweet family. I'm feeling sappy this morning...

sassy stephanie

She's a doll in her braids. My #1 loves them too. She like Soduku of whateva the F you call em. Me, I like tv.


LOL !!

I love puzzles and word games. I agree with Lulu and the others, better a book than those really annoying hand held games!!!

And they're both doing a good thing for their brains as well :-)

Cute pictures...


Oh, the expressions on your daughter's face! Can I have her?

Mama Dawg

Lula-We took her gameboy but she wasn't allowed to let it leave the hotel room. Actually, except for the car ride down, she never turned it on. I'm lucky that way.

Kelly-She gets that look quite often. She loves puzzles and reading.

Shannon-Yep, another Milo Lover here. He rocks my world.

Heather-It's all right to feel sappy. Let it out, honey, let it out!

Sassy-Her hair's not that long anymore. She hasn't gotten into Soduku, yet. Give her time, though.

Karen-Yeah, we're big readers in our family. And puzzle-doers.

Lori-Nope, sorry. Can't have her. She's all mine!

Middle Aged woman

Light of Your Life has a very serious look on her face. Does she not KNOW how expensive Botox is?


Very serious indeed. So, you take crosswords to Disney. I guess it helps on the down times.

Mama Dawg

MAW-I keep telling her but she refuses to accept the fact that she's gonna get old one day. Silly girl.

jen721-Yep, we take 'em. And yes, it does help during down time. Or if someone doesn't want to ride a ride and just wants to sit and wait. We do Disney at a leisurely pace. It's not frantic for us at all.


I thik it's great she's into her puzzles!! Personally, I would rather do a crossword than go on a ride--so I'm totally with them!!

The Nice One

Ha! Those are great pictures! Love the "yea, disney, so what, give me a puzzle!"
And the stroller thing...yea I'd rather push the stroller than listen to the whine. ANYday.


I think it is super cute anf f'ing hilarious that you caught both of them "in the act" while at the happiest place in the world. My daughters loves puzzles too, albiet iddie ones since she is still pretty young.


I can't imagine doing puzzles while at disney. I love to people watch--so that keeps me busy during down times.
Great pictures!!


I love the similar look of concentration on their faces. I know that look well!

I'm a sucker for soduku (except I can't spell it). I have my older son hooked on it now too.

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