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Harry Potter-Thon

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So, I’m on a Harry Potter kick right now. I have no clue where it came from, but when I finished my last book, I had the urge to dive in to the Harry Potter series again. I’ve read every book at least twice. Some I’ve read more than 4 times.

I’m a Harry Potter geek. However, me being me, I’m really only a half geek. I know a lot of facts about the Harry Potter series. Seriously, I know a lot. However, after years of reading the books and watching the movies and reading online, I realize that there’s a lot that I don’t know about the Harry Potter series. And I’m OK with that. That’s not what this post is about.

Last week, when I was in the middle of the book Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, I looked over at my daughter and asked her if she wanted to have a Harry Potter-thon. I explained to her, in response to her blank look, that that means we’d watch all 5 of the Harry Potter movies, back to back to back…well, you get the point. She enthusiastically agreed and the plan was set. We’d start them on Friday night and just watch til we couldn’t watch any more.

Then, to our surprise, my mom said she’d like to join us.

Now, my mom’s a big reader. In fact, all the books in the corner of my room that I haven’t read yet (all 200+ of them) are from her.

However, her taste in books doesn’t run to the fantastical. She likes grounded, real type books. The most “supernatural” or “fantastical” she gets is reading books by Dean Koontz or Stephen King. Otherwise, she doesn’t read it. No matter the rave reviews.

She hasn’t read the Harry Potter series yet but stated that she wanted to delve in to them at some point during her retirement.

I know my mom. I know that she will not get into the series (books or movies) but I gently push her to try them hoping that I’m wrong.

As much as I hate that she was going to watch the movies before reading the books, I gave her a big smile and told her “Great!”.

Friday night rolls around. We had decided to make it an appetizer night. You know, mini egg rolls, pot stickers, pizza rolls, chicken quesadilla rolls, etc…with all their sauces and some I mixed together for dipping.

I had been looking forward to this night for DAYS. I was so excited about this Potter-thon.

Well, as you can possibly guess, anytime you get THAT excited about something, it becomes sort of a letdown.

Light of my life kept asking me to pause the movie so she could pee/get dessert/get something else to drink/go to her room to get something/ask for a blanket/etc…..

Due to all the starting and stopping, my mom got frustrated and that led to her having these “looks” on her face whenever I would sneak a peek at her during the movie. I knew by those “looks” that she wasn’t getting into the movies. Of course, that made me more anxious. I then started stopping and starting the movie to explain to her about Neville’s parents and who Voldemort is and why Harry has a scar and why he lives with the Dursley’s.

About halfway through, mom decided she had enough and got up saying “I just don’t know where my fantasy gene is” and went to bed.

Light of my life and I finished the first movie and went on to bed after that.

On Saturday night, after my daughter got back from a late afternoon birthday party, we popped in #2 and watched most of it before we both fell asleep on the couch.

Yesterday afternoon, after lunch, we popped in #2 to finish it and managed to watch #’s 3 & 4 and start #5.

I had forgotten what a hottie Daniel Radcliffe was until I watched him grow up in these movies. I also didn’t realize how hot George and Fred Weasley were in the last two movies. When did that happen? And then, I discovered that the actor that played Cedric Diggory in the Goblet of Fire is none other than our own "Edward Cullen" in the Twilight movie that comes out in December. I can remember thinking Viktor Krum was much hotter than Cedric but I've since changed my mind. Yes, not only am I a twelve year old boy inside, but I'm also a boy-crazy 14 year old girl. Shut up.

I love watching these movies over and over again because I always learn something new each time.

For instance, in the Chamber of Secrets, when Harry uses Floo Powder for the first time, he slurs his words and Diagon Alley comes out Diagonalley. When my mom heard it, she said “Why did he say diagonally?” and a light bulb went on above my head. What a play on words.

And Knockturn Alley…where it’s the “darker” side of the magical world….could be considered “nocturnally”.

Is that not the coolest thing? I haven’t done any research on the internets to find out if this was intentional or just a happy coincidence, but considering the Genius That Is J.K. Rowling, I find it hard to believe that it’s anything but intentional.

Anyway, to wrap up this silly and very un-important post, despite the setbacks of the first night, we’ve had a blast watching our way through most of the 5 movies. Tonight, we’ll finish up (or at least watch until 9pm) the rest of The Order of the Phoenix.

Tonks, how I love you. You rock!


Mama Dawg

17 really cool people who give a rat's patootie:


I love my Harry Potter books. When Half Blood prince came out...it was released on my birthday. It was fun going places with all the countdown signs. I always knew how many days till my birthday - and that was also the day we left for Paradise that year.

Have you seen the trailers for Half Blood prince? Do you have a favorite in the series? My least favorite was number 5. He was a typical whiny teenager...but that one is one of my favs of the movies...

Mama Dawg

I have to say # 4 for the book and movie is my favorite. I loved the Goblet of Fire!

sassy stephanie

Never did get into the series. But then, I'm really not much of a reader, either.


I had to stop reading...becuase I JUST started watching the movies yesterday. I'm on the 3rd one. But looking forward to seeing Pattinson as Cedric. (Yes, I know what eventually happens to him. Sigh...) So far I'm loving the movies...and I'm gonna start reading the books this weekend.

We'll discuss more of this later.

Oh, and I was going to out you and Drama Mama on my post today--y'all being 'Sippy dwellers and all. But then I figured y'all might kill me, so I kept it on the downlow. Kinda like I did here. Don't hate me!


I'm a total Harry Potter geek. I've read most of the books over and over. And we have the movies.

If you look closely, there are so many play on words and hints that JK Rowling puts in the early books. Like when Harry first gets his wand...Ollivand says his mother had a wand good for charms (and that was obviously her strength) and his dad's wand was good for transfiguration or something like that...and he was able to change into an stag we find out later...

Anyway, things like that. There are more examples, but my brain's not working right now.

I haven't seen the trailer for the new movie yet! I'll look for it.

I have seen trailers for Twilight though, and it looks GOOD.


What's this about Lula outing you and Drama Mama?

Mama Dawg

She has a post about Mississippi up on her blog and she knows I'm from there but didn't want to out us in case it wasn't a known fact. That's all!


I'll forgive you your lack of enthusiasm for McAvoy if you forgive me for not knowing anything about Harry Potter. I haven't read the books or seen any of the movies so I feel totally out of the loop with this whole obsession.

Thanks for playing along!

Heather J.

I love the DiagonAlley thing - those tidbits were what made the books so cool! My 6 yr old son LOVES these movies, but he gets stuck on one (#4) and wants to watch it OVER and OVER and OVER and OVER ... I USED to like that one the best, but now, not so much. :(


It's only fair that since you read my favorite books (Twilight) that I should read yours. No...that's right...I've never read a Harry Potter book. Or watched the movies.

I know...I know...

sassy stephanie

ha ha ha...You are not an idiot..only a super computer geek, much like myself! I put "it" in the one about the Craigslist Mario listing and Asian signs.

Middle Aged woman

For those of you that are not big readers, but really would like to attempt the Harry Potters (totally worth it), May I recommend that you head to the library and check out the CD or tape versions of Jim Dale reading them aloud. They are incredibly entertaining. He does all the voices and everything. I can't imagine how he keeps it all straight. They are great for road trips. We had 3 of them on tape, but were wearing them out with re-use, so we've been investing in the CD sets.

Weith Kick

You and my wife both. She also had read all the books and now she wants to read them all again. I guess I need to pick on of them up one of these days. I love to read, but for some reason am hesitant about reading one. Don't know why. Someday.

Complaint Department Manager

I've actually toyed with the idea of a Harry Potter Marathon for some time now. I may do it around Halloween as I think it would make a great mood setter.


I absolutely love both the movies and the books. I saw all the movies before I read the series...I just read all 7 of them this summer (in 1 month)...you could say I got hooked...I also became a HP goober...I watch anything related to them that comes on t.v.
Love that play on words...I never realized that - too cool.
I am so excited for Half Blood Prince...the trailer is awesome!


I'd consider myself a casual fan, though I have seen all the movies and read all the books (some more than once). I mostly enjoy the excitement of the communal experience surrounding both the books and the movies.

The most original thing about the books is their collection and use of existing legends, mythology, Latin vocabulary, and plays on words.

It makes for a fun game to play as you read: Identify the Source/Meaning of the Proper Noun.

Disclaimer: In case the above sounds negative or condescending, please excuse me-- it's late and I'm nearly delirious.


I have not read any of the Harry Potter books, but I've really enjoyed the movies as they've come out. We almost own all of them... just the first and the last one I think are missing. Anyway, I know that the books are more densely packed with story than the movies are, but I don't know that I'll get around to reading them. Ever.

I am looking forward to Half-Blood Prince though, the trailer is awesome. ;)

The only movie marathon I've done was all six Star Wars movies in one day. I didn't quite make it (ran errands through one and a half of the movies) but it was still fun. I want to do a LotR marathon next!

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