Monday, April 21, 2008

Weekend Tidbits

Just a couple of tidbits from the weekend.

The girls said that they liked going fishing with me better than their dad (sorry, L) because I let them talk while they fish. That's probably why we didn't really catch anything! LOL!

When light of my life was watching Enchanted this weekend, we got to the part where Narissa turned into the dragon and was on top of the building that looks like the Empire State Building. She just sat up and asked out of the blue "What exactly is the Vampire State Building?". It was all I could do to keep from laughing out loud. I didn't bother to correct her. I love that, even though it's rare, she still has moments like this. Where she says sweet things like this.

I really don't question the move from the big city to the country. I know that it was the right decision, but yesterday, it just nailed down exactly what I was expecting our life to be like when we moved up here. When we were walking back through the woods from going fishing, light of my life, M and C were all in front of me. C's bra strap was falling down her shoulders and she couldn't move it up because she was carrying so many things in her arms. She decided to make up a song about her bra straps falling. The other girls caught on and started singing it, too. I just walked behind them and grinned the whole time. The sight of these three girls carrying poles and wearing rubber boots and so full of pride and excitement and joy, it just......I can't even describe the feeling. It was just a perfect moment. It's what I dreamed of for light of my life when we moved up here. I just wish I could have captured it in some way other than in my memory.


Mama Dawg

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Now if only I could get my wife to appreciate time spent outdoors! You sound very lucky

Mama Dawg

Oh, man, I love the outdoors. I'd spend all day every day outside if I could.

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