Friday, April 18, 2008

Grounded=Good Thing

Today is the last day of light of my life's grounding. This morning she made mention of it being the last day. I brought up again how it's important to listen to what I say and do what I tell her to know, gotta drive the point home.

I think she gets the point, but I'm not sure that she understands grounding is not something she wants to happen.

Case in point......when she was getting ready for school this morning, she mentioned that she actually liked being grounded because it "allowed her to catch up on her reading". Seriously????? I about peed in my pants when I heard this. One because the phrasing of the statement was so adult like but two because no kid ever likes to be grounded.

She says that M, her best friend, always likes to play when she comes over and that gets in the way of her reading.

While I'm ecstatic that my little girl is learning to love reading as much as I do, I want her to balance it out with plenty of play time as well.

I told her that she can always make time for reading (and I make it a priority that we do this) but that she needs to make time for her friends as well.

I can't believe my kid actually liked being grounded. You will note that I'm posting this. That way, when she's 14 and I'm grounding her for some other offense, I can bring this up and say "here, look, when you were 8, you LIKED being grounded" and then she can't say anything! Hahahahahaha......I guess something good came out of this after all.

As an aside, I like how she was able to find something good out of something bad. Shows a sign of maturity on her part that I think a lot of kids lack. Well, at least the kids that I personally know.


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lol. that cracked me up.


Catch up on her reading?! So cute!

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