Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Disney Tip of the Day

I'm starting a new weekly post. It's a Disney Tip of the Day brought to you by....well, me.

I'm a HUGE Disney geek and I know a couple of my readers are as well.

I also have nothing else to write about today.

Anyway, here's your tip of the day: don't wear new shoes.

I'm starting you off small.

The reason behind not wearing new shoes is, well, sort of obvious. You know when you buy a new pair of shoes, you almost always get a blister or at least a sore spot?

Well, magnify that by a thousand if you wear those same new shoes while walking up to 5 MILES!!!!

Yeah, you read that right.....5 MILES! It's not inconceivable to walk this much during the course of your day at any Disney park.

You want to make sure that you wear shoes that are comfortable and broken in. I'm not talking about shoes that are falling apart, but maybe those Nike's that you've had for about a year that you wear a few times a week.

In addition to not wearing new shoes, I would not recommend wearing thin soled shoes. If you insist on wearing flip flops (seriously?), I would wear some with thick soles in light reflective colors (white, light pink, etc....).

I tend to wear either sneakers without heels (the kind you slide on your feet), thick soled flip flops (mine are sporty and are comfortable and don't rub....don't wear the ones you get from Old Navy that you bought 2 for $5) or my Teva sandals. My Teva's are ugly as all get out, but sooooooo comfortable.

So to sum new shoes, no cheap flip flops and no thin soled shoes. If you take my advice seriously, you'll be fine.

Just so you know, I'm such a die hard Disney geek, I visit at a minimum, 3 Disney related websites a day. These are sites that have forums for every conceivable topic you can think of that's Disney related including tips and advice. I have a wealth of knowledge.

Although most of my tips will be related directly to Disney, there are a few tips that I will share that can be used for other vacations as well.


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Jodi @ blog-o-licious

damn - if you get two comments from me - sorry - but it looks like my first attempt didn't work.

i love this topic. and i visit those same sites.

this is a good tip. and one that you would think is a no-brainer. but it is always amazing to me the number of people wearing flip flops.

i personally love wearing my rockport sandals. they have a strap at the back that hold them snug to my feet. and because they are sandals i don't have to wear socks. and i don't like socks because if they get wet, they will never dry in that humidity.

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