Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Green

When I was born, I was born with navy blue eyes (or so my mom tells me). They quickly turned to mud brown and stayed that way until I was about 10. They got a bit lighter and turned what I call hazel. They continued to stay that way until I was a teenager.

I got glasses when I was 14 and when I was 16, I actually managed to talk my mom not only into contacts, but colored contacts. I wanted green eyes so bad. Except for the fact that the green contacts were a little off putting, they went well with my hair color and skin tone. I loved my green contacts but quickly got too lazy to keep putting those pesky things in my eyes every day. I quickly quit wearing them and went back to just wearing my glasses when I drove. I'm nearsighted and only needed them to see the board and when I drove.

I noticed in my late teen years that my eyes were starting to get some green flecks in them that became more pronounced when I wore something green or with hints of green in it.

After I had light of my life, I noticed that the green flecks were more pronounced than ever before. Almost everything I wore enhanced the "greenness" of my eyes.

A few months ago, I was putting in my contacts (I went back to contacts about 5 years ago but only the regular kind, no colored contacts) and I actually looked at my eye. Not just looking so I make sure that I get the contact on my eyeball, but really looked.

To my surprise, my eyes are now green. Not kelly green like my contacts when I was 16, but green nevertheless.

My neighbor, L, even noticed. He asked if I wore contacts and I said that I did. He asked if they were colored and I said no. That's when he said he noticed that my eyes were green.

So it's not all in my head. I got my mom to check just for more verification (I'm horrible about taking things on faith, I have to check and re-check and re-check again).

OMG, I literally willed my eyes to turn green. Who knew that 14 years ago when I was praying and wishing for my eyes to turn green, that it would happen?!?!?

I AM OMNIPOTENT. I COMMAND THE SUN TO RISE IN THE MORNING AND THE MOON TO RISE IN THE EVENING!!! HA HA HA HA HA!!! (that's my evil laugh.....just think of the Wicked Witch of the West when you're reading this part).

So cool.


Mama Dawg

P.S. Per the "oh so mighty" Internet, my eye color change is a result of old age, sun exposure or disease......the Internet sucks.

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Phooey to the Internet-- can you will me some more money and maybe a nice house and car, or something?

Mama Dawg

Sure, it may take 14 years, but I'll get started on it right now, K?


I looked this up on the internet recently too. My sister insists she has green eyes, but I think they're hazel like the rest of us. Green eyes are actually extremely rare. So I used this information to further reinforce that she can't possibly have them. I did read though, that sun exposure definitely affects our eye color. So interesting...I didn't see anything about age or disease...it's probably just the sun factor for you. ;)

Mama Dawg

I hope so, but I'm anal about wearing sunglasses. I hate the feeling of the sun in my eyes. Even on a cloudy day, I wear my sunglasses. Who knows. Not a big deal since I finally got my green eyes!


LOL too funny. Do your contacts have a slightly blue tint to them too? I think that contributes to the color seeming different also. I have that hazel color too, some days they are more brown and other days they are totally green.

Mama Dawg

They do, but when I see my eyes without contacts, they are most certainly green. I love it!

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