Monday, April 21, 2008

...And They All Had a Good Time Part 2

On Sunday, we got up and went to church. Came home, ate lunch and went to visit my grandmother.

Mom had gotten some good news about building her house. The survey had been done and the land marked off. She got to walk the land last week and wanted to show it to me. The next step in the process is to start clearing the land, go to an architect to have the plans drawn up, get the culvert done, grading, driveway started, etc....She's so excited. So am I. It's gonna be a cool place to build her house.

Anyway, while we were at my grandmother's house, mom and I went out and walked her land. After seeing the spot where she's gonna build, we decided to walk down to the creek to see if we could find the spot we went fishing last year. I had invited M and C to go fishing with us after they got back from their piano lesson. They were all for it. They go fishing with their dad a lot. So much so, that they have their own rods and reels.

Light of my life and I have those dinky cane poles from Wal-Mart that cost about $4. Light of my life had only been fishing once before and liked it well enough. I love to fish, but having lived in cities all my life, it was such a hassle to go fishing that it really wasn't worth it. But I love to do it.

After the girls got back from their piano lessons, we grabbed our gear and hopped in the car. It was about a 15 minute walk to the new bridge where we were gonna fish off of. The girls didn't voice one complaint the whole way there. I was so proud of them.

We got to the bridge and I had to bait their poles. We had night crawlers as bait. I prefer crickets, but we were using L's bait since I didn't have time to go to town to get some crickets. Light of my life's and my poles were brand new and the line hadn't been tied to it yet, so I had to get that done first. I got hers taken care of and baited her hook. She promptly put the line in the water and loudly commented on how cool it was. I got M and C's hooks baited and then went to work on trying to get my line loose so I could get my pole set up. Before I could get that done, light of my life was hollerin' that she had one! Sho nuff, she had a little brim. I took a pic and because we didn't have our little Styrofoam cooler set up with water in it, we had to let it go. C and I decided to try to find a place along the creek that we could make our way down to the bank to get the Styrofoam cooler filled with some water in case we caught something big. We went up the creek a bit and had to fight our way through some thorny things, but finally found a sandy spot where we could gain access to the water. We filled up the cooler and made our way back to the bridge. Light of my life ended up catching the second fish, C caught the third, light of my life caught the fourth and M caught the fifth one of the day. I caught nada. Zip, zilch, zero, big fat goose egg nothing. Sucks, but I had so much fun, I didn't care. C's fish (the biggest one we caught) was so pissed that it decided to JUMP out of the cooler and back into the creek. It didn't even touch the bridge. It just JUMPED out of the cooler and right between the slats of the bridge right the creek beneath it. So cool! Out of the five we caught, we ended up only having three in the cooler. Stupid me, I said it was OK for us to take them back with us....forgetting I had a 15 minute hike through the woods and fields while carrying a bag full of stuff and a cooler of fish. I'll never do that again! Actually, next time, we'll just take the golf cart.

We decided to move off of the bridge and go to the spot where we had gone down to get some water in the cooler. It was kinda steep but had a couple of flat places that the girls stood on. I was trying to work my way around a downed tree when I slipped on the wet sandy bank and fell flat on my ass. The girls got a good laugh out of it. Especially since my butt was covered in mud! When it started to get dark, the girls pulled in their lines and light of my life's hook got stuck on a log on the water. Instead of breaking the line, I decided to do the smart (read..stupid) thing and walk out on the rotted, wet, slimy downed tree to get to the stuck hook. I managed to get there and back in one piece, but at one point, I almost fell in.

On the way back to the car, we spotted a rabbit in a field and M tried to sneak up on it. She actually got about 10 feet from it before it hopped away. They all thought that was cool.

We made it back to the house and showed off the three tiny fish to my grandmother and aunt. They were suitable impressed and oohed and ahhed over the fish. The girls were so proud of themselves.

We made it home and showed off the fish to my mom, B and L. Everyone was impressed (read....impressed that we caught anything at all!). The girls had so much fun. It was just a perfect day. I can't wait to go again!


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