Monday, April 21, 2008

...And They All Had a Good Time Part 1

Oh, wow......where to start. This weekend, man, it was so much fun. Just one of those perfect weekends.

First of all, I slept in til 10 on Saturday. I actually shouldn't have done that since I sorta woke up with a headache. Mostly from the sinuses, but still, I shouldn't have gotten up that late. But, it was still nice as I was refreshed.

Got up and fixed breakfast. Light of my life had already eaten, so that was one less thing to feel guilty about. I needed to run in to town to drop off a letter at the post office and then go by the pharmacy to drop off a letter to the pharmacist/Mayor. Yes, you read right. Our Mayor is the town pharmacist and I had to drop off a letter to him. I keep trying to tell you people that I live in a small town. Anyway, he had heard about a job opening and had told my aunt about it and told me to drop his name when I spoke to the owners of the company. Since it was so nice that he kept me in mind, I decided to drop off a little thank you note.

Since I was already having to go out and about, I decided that I wanted to go by this Flea Market store about 20 minutes away. I hadn't been in a while and I was looking for a new chair to add to my dining room set. I don't have a formal dining room set and I'm kind of eclectic in my taste. I have an old walnut drop leaf table that I traded something for about 10 years ago or so. On a trip to another flea market about 12 years ago or so, mom and I had stumbled across a pair of cherry wood chairs that were dated back from the 1920's. Those were literally the only two chairs I had at my dining room table for YEARS. When we had parties, I pulled out every chair in my house...lawn chairs, desk chairs, kitchen table chairs, etc.....for my guest to use. LOL! Anyway, since I moved here, I have purchased another chair that is...ugh, so ugly. However, it has great potential. Once I strip it, repaint it and re-cover the seat, it will be so pretty and will fit right in. So now I have three chairs! I'm looking for 3 more and thought I'd go shopping.

Light of my life decided she wanted to call M to go with us. She called M and found out she wasn't at home. Her older sister, C, was home and light of my life decided to ask her if she wanted to go. She did so off we went. Now, C is 4 years older than light of my life and even though I knew they'd get along, I didn't know if C would be bored or not. But she wasn't. I recently taught her how to make jewelry (with beads) and I told her that sometimes you can go to flea markets and get old glass beaded necklaces and bracelets that you could purchase for next to nothing and then take them home and take them apart to re-use the beads. She got excited at the idea of finding some cool beads so that was her incentive to go! When we go there, we did find a good bit of jewelry to buy and take apart, but she fell in love with the place. I showed her what carnival glass pieces look like and she fell in love with carnival glass. Yay! Another convert! I love that stuff. I just need a good china cabinet to put up in my dining room so I can start buying some pieces to display.

I digress.

After we left the flea market, we decided to go to Subway to grab some lunch. We also had the bright idea (no sarcasm there, it was a good idea) to eat our lunch at C's house out at the dock of their little pond. The day was absolutely gorgeous. We took our food out to the dock and had a wonderful picnic lunch. We just lazed around for a bit. We had to make a trip to Wal-Mart and asked C if she wanted to tag along there as well. M hadn't made it home from her aunt and uncle's house yet, so light of my life was all excited about C coming with us. B (her mom) was fine with it. C managed to wrestle some money out of her dad and light of my life decided she'd try to get in on that action as well. I think if she would have kept giving L those puppy dog eyes, he may have given in and given her some, too!

Anyway, we made the trip in to Wal-Mart and it was such a quick and easy trip. It helped to have C there to take light of my life to all her favorite parts (toys, crafts, school supplies, electronics, make-up, etc...) while I shopped.

After Wal-Mart, we stopped by a local soft serve ice cream place. C got a chocolate malt and it was soooooooooo delicious. I just got a plain old chocolate soft serve but it was heaven. While we were enjoying those, we called in an order to a local barbecue joint for some catfish platters and a couple of barbecue sandwiches.

When we got home with the groceries and food, we decided that it would be another wonderful idea if we went back out to the dock to eat our dinner. How can you say no to that? The weather was still good and the mosquitoes weren't too bad at that time.

M by that time had made it home but was so exhausted by her adventures that she decided she didn't want to join us or spend the night. Light of my life was OK with that since C was already going to spend the night. B and L went to a neighbors to watch a fight on TV and we went back to our house to make some jewelry. We giggled and laughed and make jewelry til about 11 and then the girls went on to bed. It was such a good day. Light of my life had so much fun and when she has those kinds of days, it just melts my heart.

I'll post about yesterdays activities in the next post.


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