Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Introduce Yourself

I noticed that the activity factor has kicked up a bit on this little blog here of mine.

Take the time to make a comment on this post and tell me who you are. If you have your own blog or site, put a link in your comments. I'll be more than happy to drop by your place to check it out. If it becomes one of my daily reads, I'll add it on to my daily reads section.

You can also take this time to praise, criticize, make other comments, whatever. Feel free to ask questions, too.

I'm insanely curious about everything, so drop me a comment!


Mama Dawg

2 really cool people who give a rat's patootie:


I'm curious too and I hate not knowing who is coming and going from my blog. I always try to leave a comment...especially when I'm visiting somewhere new.

My name is Kathy, mom of three, from Washington state. I enjoy large bowls of ice cream, sleeping children and reality tv. That pretty much sums me up!!

And I love your blog...keep up the good work!!

Mama Dawg

Thanks. I read yours pretty much daily and love it as well.

I'm in agreement on the reality tv. At least, I watch Survivor, Amazing Race and (with a guilty look) Big Brother!

Thanks for stopping by!

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