Tuesday, April 29, 2008

ABBA Should Change the Lyrics to...

...Dancing Queen to state:

"You can fish, you can cast,
drop your line in the creek fast.
See that girl, watch her fish,
seeing her makes you wish....You were the Fishing Queen. "

The reason I say this is I've created a monster with light of my life. When I got home Friday from the local flea market (where I bought light of my life a new, well technically old, desk and chair and a few other things), I asked if she wanted to go fishing for about an hour. The look on her face answered that question so I went inside and got changed. We ran over to B & L's to grab the nightcrawlers and headed out.

I swear, it was like the gods were against us.

When we got to my grandmothers house and parked the car, I noticed that our lines were tangled. I knew that that would take a bit to undo, so we started off towards the creek. Now, keep in mind, the creek is like a 15 minute walk away.

We get halfway there when light of my life asked me if I have the worms. Um....no....I have everything else. You know, the poles, mosquito spray, beer, etc.....

Shoot a monkey....we started walking back. When we got to the fork, I sat down and told her to go the rest of the way back to the car. I did this for two reasons. 1. It gave me a few minutes to start working on untangling the line and 2. It forced light of my life to walk in the woods by herself for a bit. When she got around the curve, she would be able to recognize where she was and the car was only like 2 minutes away at that point. I want her to get comfortable with the woods as we plan on living here for quite a while yet. She went back gladly and got the worms.

As we were walking to the creek, I had to explain to her that you don't always catch something every time we fish and that today, it might be even harder since the creek was down due to lack of rain recently. She sort of understood but wanted to continue on anyway.

We get to the creek and I sit down to finish de-tangling the line. I got one of the lines untangled from the other and I got ready to re-tie the line on light of my life's pole when it FELL through the cracks of the bridge down into the creek.

Are you f**king kidding me?!?!?!? I had to literally crawl down the bridge wall on down to the creek to retrieve the damn thing.

After all that, we only got to fish like 20 minutes. Light of my life caught NOTHING and I only caught one itty bitty tiny fish.

It was still worth it.

You know how I can tell though, that I have a fishin' demon on my hands? Light of my life woke up during a thunderstorm Saturday night and drowsily said, "Well, I guess the creek won't be low now, huh?".

I rest my case.


Mama Dawg

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