Monday, April 28, 2008

Dead Raccoons

I declare this Dead Raccoon Month. Seeing as how I've seen nothing less than 20 dead raccoons on the road since the beginning of the month. Not that I'm keeping count.

This morning's was totally the worse though. It was hit in one spot and crawled/was drug to another. You know how I know?

The 8 foot long stretched out intestine that was in one place and ended up 8 feet away with the rest of the body.

And the 15 foot smear of blood on the road.

He must of put up a hell of a fight against the car.

It was so gross. Bleh.

March was Dead Armadillo Month. They're not quite as messy.

See the things you learn living out in the country?


Mama Dawg

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Oh barf. I was just thinking this morning there sure have been a lot of dead raccoons when I drove through "dead animal alley" as I like to call it. Must be because they are all twitterpated or something.

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