Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Totally Unserious Post

This is a totally random photo post.

Why, you ask?

Cause I can.

Don't make me bust out the age old question about a dog and his balls. Seriously, don't.

I like this photo. It's a baby slug that landed on my shirt after I did some yard work. Isn't he sweet? Don't you just want to pinch his wittle cheeks?

Do slugs have cheeks? Are they some of the critters they do make-up testing on? If so, are there applicators tiny enough to swipe the cheeks? What season do you think a slug is?

On a totally non-make-up related issue.....the inner psychopath in me just wanted to dump a shitload of salt on him to watch him melt.

I'm going to hell for sure.

See, here's my punishment for that thought.

No, really, that's just a random Disney pic I had in a folder. Like my pirate bandana? I went pirate themed that day. Luckily that was the day I got to see the Pirate Tutorial. I was ready, y'all.

Unfortunately, no one told me they only pick kids for the tutorial. I wasted all that pirate lovliness for nothing.

Pirates suck.

No they don't. They rule.

Hey, you know what would be cool? An Irish pirate! Even better, a female Irish pirate! I'd call her Molly. And she'd have red hair and a big bosom. And a laugh like a drunk lumberjack. And I'd be her parrot sidekick.

That would be cool.

Remember when I told you I know how to shop?

Yeah, I wasn't lying.

This past weekend, Old Navy was having a sale that gave you 50% off the lowest clearance price.

The most I paid was $6.50 for a pair of suede shoes for LOML. The least I paid was $1 for a pair of shorts.

This entire lot pictured below is worth, at full retail price without tax, $130.50.

Guess what I paid? Guess.

Seriously, play along here. Guess.


No to that, too.

I paid $28.25 before tax.

How's that for shopping? It's a pair of shorts, a skort, a skirt, 2 shirts, a tank top, a summer sweater tank and two pairs of shoes.

Yeah, I rock.


Mama Dawg

32 really cool people who give a rat's patootie:


You DO know how to shop, and rock Mama Dawg!

Jaden Paige

I totally saw that sale and almost cried cuz we couldn't afford to buy clothes this week. *sniff* Plus I don't have an Old Navy near me, so I would've had to order it offline, which adds the shipping. And I hate paying more for shipping than I paid for any of my items. But you got a good haul, and now I am jealous! lol :P

Irish Gumbo

Avast, ye scurvy slugs, keep ye that salt away from me pirate slugs!

Wait, its slug and pirates, not pirate slugs? Rats.

Oooh, but I would TOTALLY be Molly's cabin boy! I'd like to have my timbers shivered, arrr!

You just distracted me for the rest of the day, dammit, red-haired Irish pirate named Molly all bosomy and stuff...sheesh

Mama Dawg

Hey, I like the idea of pirate slugs. I need to work on that. Hmmmmm.....

That was the genius behind my whole evil plan, IG. To distract you for the day. I knew the red head would do it. Who knew you were a bosom man? I'll file that away for the future. If only she'd wear a ponytail!

Irish Gumbo

Ponytail?! Oohhh...
(swish, THUNK)
(fainted, on floor)

Mama Dawg

YESSSSSSSSSS!!!!! Mission complete. IG is on the floor in a dead faint.

Now *wringing hands in evil delight* what kind of damage can I inflict? Hmmmmmm.......


Yay for that awesome shopping spree and you totally had me at pirate. Female. Irish. Accent.

Jennifer and Sandi

Good Job at Old Navy!! I think your pirate thoughts. Molly! The drunken sailor!

Have a super Wednesday!

- Jennifer


When I first saw that slug, I was all... man, I woulda squished that thing in a heartbeat, she's SUCH a better person than me. Then I got to the salt part and was like, oh, wait a second. No. She's not better than me. She's now COOLER than me! Sigh.
PS- Way to sore at Old Navy!


so okay this post totally made me love ya more cuz DUH I AM A SHOPAHOLIC. no joke. but i am a FRUGAL shopaholic and am constantly gettin the best deals. people ask me to shop for them. no joke.

so i remember in my super duper old brain that you were goin to disneyworld in may. is that right? or wrong? or right? cuz girl so am i, not sure if you remember i said that, and i totally for sure (think ineed a manicure) am CONVINCED we need to meet up and go on pirates. or tower of terror. or teacups. or alice. or snow white. or ... or... i could go on and on. space mountain? yhetti? thunder mountain? safari? wanna come to my room and play barbies?

eek. where'd THAT come from? i totally meant, come to my hotel and totally (for sure) come play with me at my pool. cuz that'd rock.

we'd just have to ask our moms. or. LOYL. and MY mom since i'm goin' with her and all. but i think they'd be down.

Mama Dawg

Lo-It's a date. I love to play Barbies. I mean, hang out at pools. When exactly are you going?


First of all, dang girl, you are fast on the blog comments. I accidently hit publish on this morning's post and immediately went back to add the music and edit it when you had already commented. Neato.

What a great shopper you are. I guessed $27.00, but I think I forgot tax. :-)

Oh, how I remember too many summer nights when we as kids would salt up the slugs. Pretty gross, huh? But we still did it.


sales kick ass! it feels so good to get things at a huge discount, especially when you have kids.

that is a very itty-bitty slug for sure. if it had cheeks, they would be pinchable for sure.

molly the irish pirate sounds like a cool chick.


CRAP. okay i THINK we are goin' the week of may 3rd. i'm going to be there for longer than a week. (GO ME!!!!) i'm stayin at the poly. (again GO ME!!) my mom is gonna be super duper excited. heh. i sound like such a nerd. i totally love barbies. what's yer fav ride? in each park? cuz that is NEED TO KNOW info girl. when are you going???


For that price it seems like a great deal too.


aw crap so just email me. it's bound to be easier. :) :) :)


I am totally looking for a female Irish pirate to join the Savannah St. Patrick’s Day parade. We could even find an Irish slug to put on her shoulder. I shall call her McMinime. We could even put green eye shadow on her, wait, do slugs have eyelids?

Awesome shopping trip. Old Navy rocks.

Mama Dawg

You know, Larkin. If that slug doesn't have eyelids, we'll just make her some. But, it has to be glittery green eye shadow. Nothing else will do.

Pseudonymous High School Teacher

Slugs and pirates, pirate slugs. Salt and hell. All good stuff going on over here.

I read a great book a few years back, about pirates, with a woman pirate. Sorry, but I cannot remember the title...

Sarah's Blogtastic Adventures

Ewww slugs...even baby slugs...ewww


I would have dumped salt on him. Cause my inner 12 year old boy is an evil little fucker...oops I just cussed in your comments

Mama Dawg cussed in my fuckin' comments. You're so screwed.


okay yeah, i need to take you shopping with me!!!

Mama Dawg

Any time, Krystal, any time!


OMG one of my best friends is constantly challenging us : "guess how much this shirt was" etc. Now we just say "They PAID you $5 to take it."

also? I never ever in my wildest dreams thought slug could be cute...but he is adorable!!!!!


Impressive sale! I love Old Navy.


HA, you shop like I do! NIce work!

So did you salt the slug in the end? LOL, I remember watching my Grandma do that to save her tomatoes, LOL, they do melt kind of don't they.


I thought my niece was thrifty shopper. You might just have beaten her.

Trooper Thorn

I like the pirate shades too.


zoe found herself a pet slug once and kept it for a couple days. it "ran away" one day while she was at school. don't ask me!! i don't know where he went!

you really are quite the shopper! i love me a bargian!


"age old question about a dog and his balls".... um now I'm curious. ;)

and holy shit! what a savings at Old Navy. ok, I'm jealous.

Swirl Girl

you can take me shopping anytime...just leave the slug cheeks off my shirt.

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