Friday, January 16, 2009

Friday Foto Finish Fiesta

This week, LOML's school had their reading fair. It's not mandatory for any of the grades in the elementary school except for 4th grade. However, LOML loves to read and really wanted to participate. She participated last year and won second place for the whole second grade individual division. She was pleased as punch. She got a trophy and a ribbon and couldn't have been happier.

This year, she chose to do her project on The Tail of Emily Windsnap by Liz Kessler. It's a wonderful book (I had to read it so I knew how to help her). She really enjoyed the book and she had so much fun working on her project.

She entered her board in the individual category which means minimal help from anyone. The only help I gave her on this board was the spray painted background, I had to help her cut her mermaid tail cause it was too hard (it was that thick foam poster board) and I had to do all the hot gluing.

Otherwise, it's all hers!

Here she is with her ribbon looking pleased as punch. Oh, and I should mention...she took 2nd place AGAIN! I'm so proud of her. She did a bang up job and she's pleased with herself as well.

Here's the board by itself so you can see it in all it's glory.

This has to be one of my favorite pictures. Not because there's anything great about the shot. You can't really see LOML's face or anything.

However, this is her "boyfriend". You will notice how they're not standing near each other, but they are in each other's periphial. While she was "studiously" looking at the other projects, he would walk up and down the aisle next to hers and look at her out of the corner of his eyes. He'd catch me looking at him every once in a while and would duck his head in shyness. LOML knew of his presence the entire time but acted surprised when she saw him right next to her at one point.

I caught this picture so you could see what I'm talking about. I could never get one where he was watching her. Maybe next time.

Just for the record, these two have been "boyfriend and girlfriend" since almost the beginning of second grade. That's when we moved up here. He laid claim to her almost the minute she walked in the door. She's gotten a watch from him for her birthday last year and this year at Christmas, he gave her a Hannah Montana silver heart necklace. My kid's 8 and she's already gotten more presents from a boyfriend than I ever did! This kid likes her so much. I mean, I've never seen an 8 year old boy like a girl as much as he does her. He talks to her (sometimes) and if we're out in public, he'll actually come up to her and talk to her.

One time, we were in a city that's about an hour away. It was before Christmas and we were in the mall. We had just finished eating lunch and were making our way to Claire's (of course) when we ran into him. I backed off and let them have some privacy but they actually stood there and talked for about 10 minutes. It was the sweetest thing.

Anyway, if you wanna join in on more Foto Fun, click on over to Candid Carrie's.


Mama Dawg

23 really cool people who give a rat's patootie:


Awww....those early relationships are sooo sweet.
I love the idea of a book fair. I was never much of a science person!

Jaden Paige

CA-UTTTTEE! :) They are too adorable together! And how sweet is it that he buys her presents! Awww...


Congrats to the Light of your Life!! That's awesome on her second prize and how much enthusiasm she had for this project. I love it.

And the boyfriend thing is way cute. Because I've had an eight year old boy, and he was SO not interested in girls, so I'm impressed. And that they TALKED. That's huge.


I love the proud expression on her face with the ribbons.....

Milk does a body good-Reading does the mind good!

Glenda, saved by grace

Good Idea. I bet she has good grades. The poster is definatly an "A".
My girl's a 9th grader and she's still that way with boys, I'm not sure for how much longer tho...


Just awesome!


Congrats to your daughter! I love the idea of a book fair. And that mermaid tail is all the scales on it.

I think the boyfriend thing is sweet. My oldest has lots of boys after her. My youngest only has eyes for Justin Timberlake :-)


What a great achievement!

Momo Fali

She got a better gift for Christmas than I did! Tell her I said he's a keeper and congratulations on her project!


I LOVE that schools are doing a reading fair! We only had the choice of Science or Social Studies! Congrats to her on 2nd place and a really cool boyfriend!

Sarah's Blogtastic Adventures

Thats great she loves reading so much!! And I wonder how happy you'll be in 8 years when she's 16 with boys knocking down her door! : ) I for one don't want to even think about mine that old!!! : )

Pseudonymous High School Teacher

Speaking as an English teacher, thank the Lord for kids like LOML. She is so awesome. And the boy? Smart kid, knows how to pick a winner.


Adorable! I can't tell you how cute it is when kids are that age and the ego isn't there and they can just be sweet and shit. Gah, soooo cute!

Swirl Girl

How sweet! And, my 9 year old just read both books and wrote a sequel (4th grade project) to the series.

Congrats on her ribbons!

Captain Dumbass

What a sweetie! But what's with the parka? Don't you live in the south?

Mama Dawg

I was like 7 fucking degrees this morning! What do you mean, what's with the parka? You Canadians. You think you have the market cornered on cold, don't you. LOL!


how awesome! you really have an intelligent little one on your hands!! most definitely.


Congrats on the award. And how cute is that boyfriend thing? I love your way cool attitude about it all.


Congrats to LOML. You know, I could totally see him buying her a car when she turns 16.

Lynn - the piggy bank painter

So cute!


trinity has a boyfriend too. they are both 8 and have been "an item" since they were both 2! I'VE never had a relationship that long! lol

congrats to your gorgeous reader! i loved reading when i was little too!

Candid Carrie

We have our big science fair in March. The boy/girl dynamics are crazy. "He walked right past me when people were looking." OOOOOOH!

Thanks for playing again.




Very sweet.
Love that your daughter is a reader. So few are these days.

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