Thursday, January 29, 2009

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall...

Have you ever really looked AT a mirror? And thought about all its uses?

For instance, a twelve year old boy can find many uses for a mirror. One of them being putting a compact mirror on the tops of their shoes and then standing REAL close to a girl with a skirt on. If he times it just right, he can place his foot directly beneath her skirt and can catch a quick glimpse of some white cotton panties. Hopefully. And I mean hopefully she’s wearing underwear.

In addition, magicians have been known to use them in magic tricks. Hence the phrase “smoke and mirrors”. In some fiction books I’ve read, they’re used for transportation between two worlds.

Drug users use them to cut their cocaine to makes lines. Practical, if illegal.

Fun house mirrors have their uses as well. Think of all the entertainment you can get from laughing at your 6’1” 180 lb boyfriend who all of a sudden looks 5’4” and 300 lbs. Hysterical, I tell ya, hysterical.

Disco balls. Where would society be today if disco balls using mirrors to reflect light all over the dance floor had not been invented? In the shitter, that’s where.

They’re also great for spotting a nasty crusty booger that flies out of your nose without your knowledge and lands on your chin.

Thank goodness I spotted it before I left the house for work.

God bless mirrors.


Mama Dawg

25 really cool people who give a rat's patootie:


Big fan of mirrors here.

Middle Aged Woman

crap, now I'm gonna hafta check my chin every morning before I go to work.


Bwhahahahahaha! Glad you found that sucker before you went out into the world!

Irish Gumbo

Boogers? Pshaw, I can't count the number of times I've discovered I'm not wearing pants!

WOOO, sure saves a lot of embarrassment I can tell you!

Momo Fali

If it weren't for mirrors, I would walk around constantly with food in my teeth.


I am going to summarize, 12 year old boys, magicians, cocaine, fun houses and disco balls. Sounds like a recipe for an insane story that lands you in jail. LMAO!

Mama Dawg

Oh, shit. I just spit water out all over my keyboard. Jess, I never looked at it that way! I should turn that into a story!


Bwahaha...I'm with you on that. I can't think of how many times I've thought, "Wow, I look like crap." There's not much I can do about it, but at least I know.

Sarah's Blogtastic Adventures

Or for showing me all the lipstick on my teeth halfway through a first date.

Pseudonymous High School Teacher

Mirrors and people with verve. I had a student tell me as I was wealking into class, "Miss, check your nose, you have a booger about to fall out." Slightly embarrassing, but not as bad as the whole class watching in silence if it descended to my cchin in front of them.


My ex- used mirrors for the illegal reason.

Hence, the transition to the title of Ex.

Soldier without a War

ha ha. that is awesome! i guess i just never thought of mirrors in so many ways!! :)


I'm always checking the mirror for boogers. I think I'm obsessed. ha!


Yea booger spotting mirrors!

Boo mirrors that make my hips and pores look big.


lol... teenage boys and rogue boogers... hee hee!

not a big fan of mirrors myself.. the one in my bathroom is way too big.. and too close the shower. it scares me.

The Dental Maven

Yup. We have just such a mirror in the dental office which is referred to as the "boogermirror." Never want to be caught with a bat in the cave -if you know what I mean.

Captain Dumbass

I saw a cool video a few months back of a mirror that was set up on a turntable at about a 45 degree angle. A laser was fired into it as it spun and it created the image of a head floating in space above it. Way cool.


Hey, I talked about panties on my blog today. Go figure.

I hate crusty, nasty boogers. When they rip like half your nose hairs out when you pick em? We call them Vegas boogers. Cause Vegas is dry and you get rock hard bloody boogers when you're there.



ok. i was repulsed by your mention of boogers. and THEN i read TMVM's comment there and about puked.

yes, i'm ok with talking about puke. just not boogers.

good post hon! i luv your brain, or at least how it works ~ great writing!


Hey, as long as it doesn't fly from your nose onto someone else's chin, you're probably okay either way.

Swirl Girl

not to mention the ceiling mirrors ;)


In the words of my 7 year old daughter...

EEEEEWWWWW that's disgusting!

Glad you found it before you walked out the door.

sassy stephanie

A world without disco balls is a world I really don't care to be a part of.


Mirrors are also fun to look at when you are... um you know-- having fun in the bedroom.

Just saying...


They are also good for spotting that forking piece of spinach stuck between your front teeth before you go in to ask the boss for a raise...*sigh*

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