Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Real Me

Okay all you people out in blogland.

I need your opinion on something.

I'm about to show you pics of the real me.

Naked (not really....I mean in a vulnerable way).

I got a new hair cut and some glasses as well as a new outfit.

Tell me what you think.

Shit, that's a bad picture. Let me try again.

Dammit, Max, get out of the picture!

Ahhhhh, finally. A full length body shot.

Be honest, tell me what you think.

Below is the Wii Me real me.

Do those shorts make my ass look big?

No? Thanks!


Mama Dawg

23 really cool people who give a rat's patootie:

Southern Sage

Looking great!
love the hair and outfit!


I think the green shorts make your ass look hawt!


Those Wii Mii's are so funny. Our kids have made them for every family member, and it's amazing how much they resemble people. Your's really looks like you! I like the haircut and glasses. Your ass looks just fine.

Sarah's Blogtastic Adventures

Hilarious! I love me some Wii!! You look great! : )


OMG, I should totally steal, I mean borrow, this idea from you... the Mii I made of my mother... it looks just. like. her. I mean JUST. LIKE. HER! I don't think I've ever laughed so hard in my life...

Mom does think it looks like her. But she didn't find it as nearly as funny as I did.


Ok, first off, Max is just adorable.

Secondly, I like your new classes and cut, what I can see of it.

Thirdly, damn, that mii looks JUST LIKE YOU! I love the expression on your face though in the golf shot. hehe

Irish Gumbo

Oh, Mama Dawg, Hells to the NO! I'd say 'phat' not fat. You rock those shorts!Them pants are 'WiiFit', get it? HA!

Oh, the Max 'trim' thing, how'd it go? Does he still think you are the shizznit?


Those pics are GREAT! LMAO!

Pseudonymous High School Teacher

You're too much fun.

Captain Dumbass

Hawt Hawt HAWT! And I love the Mii idea. I should post Supreme Leader's, it looks like her.

Captain Dumbass

And Saturday and Sunday posts?


You are a complete NUT!! lol

Swirl Girl

I love your new look!

I want a Wii Me too!


lmao! so thats why you were taking pictures of your mii! hahaa love it...

Twenty Four At Heart

I have a Wii Me. She's hot. I live vicariously through her I suppose. Max is quite handsome!


Love love love WeeMees and Wii Miis!

The Panic Room

HEY!!!! You are so awesome for sending me tree pictures. They are perfect. I wish more people would have sent some in, but I have a pretty good collection going. Thank you, thank you. You rule!


You Mii looks totally easy to knockout in boxing, those weak knees.


You've been tagged! Read my post...


My kids are addicted to the mii channel. There are currently 37 miis residing on our wii. They love to give the women beards. And make the eyebrows lower than the eyes. We have some of the ugliest miis around.


Man your ass looks good!


You'd be hotter if the green shorts were pink. I'm just sayin'.


OMG those shorts actually make you look stunning! ;)

and the puppy is way too cute.


That shirt is really green.

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