Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Gross Post

I'm not kidding. If you don't like to see dead animals or the circle of life, please leave now. There's nothing bloody or gory, but still, if you're a bleeding heart like I am, this will not please you.

Warning over.

The below three pics are the reason why I had to resort to using the deathly hallows traps on the mice in my house.

I can not have this happening. I've had to throw away so much food because of these fuckers. I'm so over feeling sorry for the mice.

I'm done.

Yeah, that's an apple. That had to be thrown away. And no, they're not nibbling and spitting. They're eating it.

This was a brand new bag of trail mix. They chewed through the plastic and got to the good stuff. This is a $4 bag of trail mix that I had to toss. I could barely afford it the first time.

This is big ass container of nuts. My mom likes these. I don't. So, no loss for me, but still. They ate through the plastic lid. You can see how full the can is. Practically to the top.

Here's where it gets a little macabre.

Because Max is still a puppy (and really, what dog doesn't), I have to find a place to place the carcasses where he won't go and get them and bring them back to me a few days later. All nasty smelling and dripping post mortem ooze.

So, I put 'em up in a tree.

Yep. A tree.

Guess how many I caught in all?

Just guess.


SEVEN fucking mice. Two of them I let go. Y'all read about that.

The other 5? Yeah, deader than doornails.

Count the tails.

Here's the front of them in their tree. Good riddance pestilence.

Speaking of Max and rodents, Sunday night, he caught a mole. He actually dug it up out of the ground and caught it.

He then played with it. All night. Then he hid it where I can't find it. I'm sure I'll smell it soon.

Now, I actually had the opportunity to "save" this mole from Max but chose not to.

Why not you ask?

Cause they dig these tunnels in all over the yard. And when it rains, it softens the dirt to the point that if you're walking in the yard, you start to sink into the ground. I've sprained my ankle a couple of times and nearly fell flat on my ass another.

They're horrible.

You can see the dirt on his nose where he was digging.

Yeah, I declined all doggie kisses Sunday night.

Sorry if you're offended, but I just can't live with these critters any more. I've had to throw away about a dozen shirts and sweaters where they've eaten holes in them or pooped and peed so much, the stains won't come out.

They're a menace.


Mama Mouse Dawg

35 really cool people who give a rat's patootie:



sassy stephanie

Girl, those tails are bare. Those are RATS!

Mama Dawg


Mama Dawg

Really? That makes it worse.


wait... are those mice? or rats?? in your picture they look awful big to be mice...


i'm a small rodent lover, but only of the caged variety. the ones who invade my house? they can eat their weight in D-Con.

The Panic Room

what a battle. Keep it going.

Sarah's Blogtastic Adventures

Oh My God I would sell my house. Good luck! : )


Ah! Poor thing! And to think we purposfully keep rats in our house! LOL! Of course they are in cages and not in my food, clothes or anything of the sort! Hope you get rid of your rodent issue soon!


And those are rats, btw.


My EYES!!!! MY freakin' EYES!!!!!!


Wow, you have a mouse tree. Who knew mice grew in trees?! hehe

I can't believe those little suckers eat plastic. Doesn't that make them sick or kill them?! Good lord.

That mole was kind of cute. But not cool they dig holes...

I've never seen Annie catch anything. I'd be very interested to see what she does with a small furry animal.


Number one: I am so terribly sorry! I know how expensive trail mix is - I would be crazy pissed.

Number two: I am so terribly sorry! There's got to be mouse shit everywhere. CRAZY pissed.

Number three: I am so terribly sorry! That is one of the grossest pictures (dead mice in a tree) I have seen in a long time. You're a stud.

Number four: Moles suck. Let Max get 'em. I am so terribly sorry!


I would be calling an exterminator quicker than you can blink an eye. Those suckers must die (and I like mice when they are caged).


I'm extremely glad I have a man in the house. That's more than I can take!

Swirl Girl

The sheer fact that you handled this yourself puts you in the same class as , say, Steve Irwin -Crocodile Hunter!!

I woulda called an exterminator .....from a hotel room!

Momo Fali

Not offended in the least. The circle of life has no place in the trail mix. Just sayin'.

Melanie D

EWWWW!!! keep on killing the little bastards!!!!


I've only had mice in my garage. Their scent attracted a snake. Yes, a snake in my garage. Kill the little fuckers!


Hmmm...maybe you need a snake.

I despise rodents. We had issues in our old house with squirrels. And they all eat just about anything.


OH MY GOD. those rats are HUGE. I have never seen a rat that big. I am stunned!!

Captain Dumbass

Kill them! Kill them! I'm serious, get a snake.


I figured you'd come around eventually. You are a part of the circle of life that ends theirs.

You do NOT f*** with a lady's trail mix-- I can tell them that from personal experience.

If only your dog would eat the things, you could decline the kisses one day and then repress the memories the next.

And if only rodents could take hints, you wouldn't need to go through it more than once.


Call an Exterminator! Quick.


Dude you so need a snake!!! I hate rodents as well - good luck on the war with the vermon.


uh. dude. those are rats. as i'm sure you've learned by now. see? here you were thinkin' they were mice. silly girl. now, cuz you blogged about death and the like, you know!! :) benefits of blogging!

seriously tho, don't feel sorry. it's like how i feel about hunting deer up in minnesota or wisconsin. it's either hunt them and use the meat for food, or run them over when your'e driving cuz the damn things are too stupid to get outta the way. it's nature. it's not always pretty rainbows and glitter.

but seriously? it is a tad weird to put them in a tree. if i came over and was all 'hey let's climb the tree!!' and then stumbled across these rats? yeah. we may have to have a few words. just sayin'. :)

Jaden Paige

I get the feeling nobody around here is offended. You really thought you had followers who would be offended by such minute amounts of gross-osity? Puh-lease. Kill those buggers! I hate having rodents in my house, I've had to deal with it a couple of times before. NOT fun.

Oh, and btw? Those are rats. Just in case nobody up there *points up* toldja. :P

Soldier without a War

ya know? their faces def. look like mice, but their size look like rats!! weird. It sucks that you have to kill them BUT man that is kinda gross how their rip tearing thru the food supply. Whatever you do, please do not use glue traps..those are simply horrible. Good luck girlie!!! maybe once it gets a little warmer they will subside a bit :(


That's just plain freakin cool. Imagine th4e fun you could have with a Burmese Python.


i don't blame you one bit for wanting to get rid of that pesky problem. 7?! unreal! good call on declining the doggie kisses.

Irish Gumbo

"I am become Death, Shatterer of Worlds..."

In theaters soon: 'Mama Dawg, Mousehunter: The Vengeance'

Youse a real badass, you know that?

(I can't resist: you said 'big ass' and 'nuts'. hehe)
(sorry I missed this one!)

Pseudonymous High School Teacher

Yeah, so glad I did not read blogs yesterday when I started to coe ut of my migraine. This one ight have had me running back to the toilet to barf. so I must really be better today!

Mommy Mo

All of those little rodents are FUCKERS. Yuck and good riddance.

I almost puked in my mom when I saw the mice in the tree. What happens if you have a bg storm one night and it's really windy?!

Lynn - the piggy bank painter

OMG. I've never seen anything like that. Totally gross!


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