Friday, February 29, 2008

More Than A Minivan Mom

This is my friend Tracey's blog.

She’s part of that Early Birds group I mentioned last week in my post about Jodi.

I’ve actually met Tracey in person. I had a business trip a couple of years ago that took me to Hartford, CT and Tracey lived in RI. Another girl from the same group, Karen, lived in MA and we all decided to take advantage of this opportunity. Tracey graciously offered to meet at her house. Brave woman to invite 2 strangers to her house. However, we weren’t really strangers as we had been “talking” on the internet, exchanging gifts, cards and e-mails for years at that point.
It was a wonderful visit. I drove to her place in my rental car. It was my first time up in that part of the country and I thought it was absolutely beautiful. I wish I had had more time but it was a quick business trip. It was so great to finally meet her (and Karen) in person.

Tracey is a wonderful human being. Warm, funny, wickedly smart. She’s got 3 great kids and a wonderful husband.

Her blog is at times hilarious. She also has a very serious side and does not hesitate to right wrongs and stand up for what she believes in. She’s invested in Heroes for Children and I admire the hell out of her for being so involved.

I really look up to Tracey and admire her convictions. I don’t always agree with what she believes in (she’s way more liberal than I) but I respect her ideas and beliefs.

If you get a chance, you need to check out her blog. The link is listed on the right side of mine and it’s called More Than A Minivan Mom.


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