Wednesday, February 13, 2008

De-Lurk Yourself

I know that I'm getting some traffic from people I don't know. I know that sometimes it's just because they stumble across the blog based on what they plugged in when doing a a Google search and they never come back to the blog again.

However, if you are one that occasionally reads this blog and have never left a comment, please stand up and introduce yourself. Give yourself a big ol' shout out!!!

As you can see on the right side of my blog, I do have blogs that I read on a daily basis. Most of these are ones that I've been reading for a very long time.

If you have a blog of your own, plug it! I'm always looking for others to read.

I use Stat Counter to track traffic on my blog. It's a pretty good system. I can get it down to city and state. It's so cool. Some I can figure out on my own (if it's from Canada, it's Jodi) and I found out that if it's Atlanta, it's actually my friend K down in LA.

The coolest ones I've gotten so far are from Trinidad and Tobago and from Norway. I know absolutely no one in either place. The Norway reader was actually Googling Harry Connick Jr and stumbled across my blog cause I mentioned his name. The other one, it had no referring link. Who knows that's about.

Anyway, drop a line, plug your blog, stop by and say hi, ask me questions....etc.... I'd love to hear from you.


Mama Dawg

5 really cool people who give a rat's patootie:


lots of time i just read my blogs through bloglines - so i wonder if that shows up on stat counter - i'm thinking no... anyway, i don't need to delurk, but i thought i'd comment anyway.


I'm sure I don't need to delurk, but I'd love to know if you get more visitors from Austin, or if you get hits from my blog?

Mama Dawg


I looked at my stat counter facts and 13 visitors are referrals from your site. So, thanks! None have left messages and only a handful are repeat visitors, but it's still nice to see.



This is my first time here. I found you via the comments of Dooce's latest poop-post.

I'm near Canberra, the capital city of Australia.

Mama Dawg

Hi and welcome! Thanks for stopping by.

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