Monday, February 18, 2008

Boobies and Butts

I swear, what is the fascination with these two body parts?

I'm not just talking about men, either. I mean both genders and of all ages!

When I stop to think about it, I can kind of deconstruct the fascination but it's still just so weird to me. Especially since most women think of them as bits of fat on/in our bodies that we can't get to stop growing no matter what we try to do to prevent it. Well, at least for the butt part. The boobs, well, you have two camps on the boob issue. Either too big or too small. Don't even get me started on the sagging post baby. Blech.

I used to love my boobs. They were a perfect 34 C. Just big enough to garner attention from the opposite sex (in a couple of cases from the same sex as well, but that was just in passing and I simply accepted the compliment and moved on) but still small enough that a bra was not necessary about 90% of the time. Man, I loved going bra-less. Not for the attention but because of the lack of constraint. I hate bras. I swear a man invented this horrible contraption but according to the all-knowing internet, it's a contrversial subject regarding missed patents and several proto-types that could all be considered the "first-bra". Blech. All this talk about bras makes me want to take mine off.

Anyway, after the birth of light of my life, they dramatically changed. For the worse. Ladies, you know what I'm talking about. But, that's life. It's not like I'm in a position where I have to show them off to anyone on a regular (or even semi-regular or occasional) basis.

As for my butt, well, it's gotten a little bit bigger, but not much. Mostly due to excess weight than by having given birth. In fact, after I lost all my baby weight after I gave birth, I was able to fit into my old pants and skirts, etc.....because my hip bones didn't spread like most women's do at the end of a pregnancy. Of course, that was 3 sizes ago and almost 8 years ago.

As for the deconstruction.....I guess the fascination for babies on the boobies part is because!

For men, well, I'm still not sure about that fascination. Maybe it's just that ol' "they're fun because we don't have them" type thing. Although, honestly, I've seen some men with much bigger ones than mine. Can someone say "moobs"?

As for little girls (light of my life and her friend M) I guess it's just that they're on their way to having their very own pair. Light of my life is already starting to get little pockets of fatty tissue in that area. I think she's too young, but apparently, body maturity is starting at a much earlier age these days. According to Dr. Oz (yes, the same one on Oprah, not that I watch Oprah but my mom does), it's due to weight issues. Light of my life is a bit overweight (like 5 lbs, not 30!) but appears to still be in her "allowed" growth area. I don't know. I just don't remember being this fascinated with my body at that age.

Before people start complaining about me saying my child is overweight, I don't talk about this in front of her. Maybe in a later post I'll talk about what we're doing to prevent any weight problems, but not today. It's much too complicated an issue.

Any men want to chime in on the boobs and butt issue? Explain the fascination? Feel free.

Happy Monday, everyone.


Mama Dawg

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