Friday, February 22, 2008

Incredible News

OMG, you guys!!!! (I feel like a 13 year old just typing that)

I checked my e-mail yesterday afternoon and found out I'm a semi-finalist in yet another photo contest. I entered both contest on a lark and got to the next stage in both. The earlier one, I'm a finalist. In this one, I'm a semi-finalist. If I win this stage, I get $1000 and am entered into the finalist stage for a grand prize of $10000.

Just like the first contest, I'm going to be published in an anthology. That's 2 different books in which I'm going to be published. I'm so thrilled!

I get published and am the finalist/semi-finalist for both contests regardless of whether I buy the books or not. I checked that out first thing. I've not had to pay any money for anything to date and from what I've read, I won't have to unless I want to (ie. buying the books, plaques, etc...)

I'm so thrilled. This is a hobby for me right now. I would like to venture out to selling my pics but didn't know if the quality was good enough or not.

I've done research on both of these contest and the websites and they are credible, legit companies that do have a toe-hold in the photographic industry.

I'm not getting my hopes up because I've seen some of the other photos entered, but I'm just glad to be included.

I'll post the pic in the next post.


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