Thursday, February 28, 2008

Shred-It Guy

At our office, we have these squared off recycle bins that have a lock on them for disposing of private personal medical records and bills. It’s a company called “Shred-It” that owns and dumps these containers.

The Shred-It Guy comes about once a week to empty it out.

It’s not always the same guy. But it usually is.

He’s hot.

Not O.C., Gossip Girl, Friday Night Lights kind of hot.

Normal, regular guy kind of hot. Bright blue eyes, beautiful smile. He’s got a normal body shape. Probably needs to hit the gym more than he does (not that I’m one to judge). Sexy, deep southern voice. Big hands, stubble on the face, strong looking.

He’s also married.

Sigh.....wonder if the UPS man is married?


Mama Dawg

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